Tonight on T.S. Radio: Predatory Guardians: a $3 Billion Per Year Money Maker

5:00 PST … 6:00 MST … 7:00 CST … 8:00 EST

Craig Keesler joins us from California to expose the case of 87 yr. old June Guinn.

With all the adult protection agencies, law enforcement, district attorneys, judicial systems, department of justice, etc…Is it possible for an 87 year old elderly person with an estate worth over $1Million, to be kidnaped for ransom by estate predators calling themselves “fiduciary’s”, then falsely imprisoned as a ward of the state in the year 2013? The answer is unequivocably: YES!

Not one of the above mentioned agencies or courts will intervene with all the power they wield to protect the thousands of victims of elder kidnaping for profit that occur across the country each year. In fact, these agencies and agents actively work to provide protection for the predators.

In the case of June Guinn of California, an unlicensed individual continues to act as fiduciary. The California Professional Fiduciary Bureau (PFD) provides the unlicensed actor with all the protection she could possibly want or need. Even as she was exposed as acting without licensure, the PFD dismissed or marginalized the illegal activity in violation of state statutes and codes.

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One Response to “Tonight on T.S. Radio: Predatory Guardians: a $3 Billion Per Year Money Maker”

  1. Cheryll Says:

    Good show!

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