Abuse May be Common but Often Hard to Quantify

State and Cornell University researchers estimated 260,000 New York residents older than the age of 65 were somehow abused or neglected — physically, financially or emotionally — in 2011.

But, without a national clearinghouse to collect the data and without uniform reporting methods, officials and elderly care advocates struggle to get a handle on how widespread abuse of America’s aging population is.

“It’s wildly underreported,” said Jean Callahan, executive director of Hunter College’s Brookings Center for Healthy Aging. “People in nursing homes are generally less capable than those out in the communities of speaking up for themselves.”

Federal officials and researchers are faced with collecting data from the nation’s disparate local and state law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and social service agencies.

That leaves them grabbing for numbers based on phone surveys and highly variable sources of data.

Full Article and Source:
Abuse May Be Common But Often Hard to Quantify

3 Responses to “Abuse May be Common but Often Hard to Quantify”

  1. Thelma Says:

    Our government is supposed to be responsible for the welfare of its citizens. Where are they in this?

  2. Karen Says:

    I think what this report is overlooking is that people have developed an apathy about reporting because when one files a report, it's generally dismissed. The word is out.

  3. Cheryll Says:

    Phone surveys? They're depending on phone surveys? Geez. No wonder….

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