Jared E. Shafer Loses Guardianship; Looted Senior Citizen Returns to Claim Home and Possessions After Winning Termination in a Bitter Sweet Victory

For the first time known, a wealthy senior citizen was able to escape from the custody of Nevada court appointed “guardian” Jared E. Shafer, and recover the majority of his assets before he dies.

Because of an arcane Nevada law, many elderly people who decide to spend their golden years in one of Las Vegas’ pristine retirement communities have found themselves in financial servitude after the death of a spouse. It’s not unusual to learn of a elderly widow or widower — at their most vulnerable time — becoming a “ward” of one of our state’s licensed private “guardians” who completely takes over the senior’s person and estate while waiting for their death in order to claim his or her assets for the county, or in the worst case, themselves.

This is possible because in Nevada a person who is handicapped or elderly and has a sizable estate can be forced into guardianship unless there’s a qualified relative living in the same state that can care for their needs. Too often, as in the case of Guadalupe Olvera, the nearest relative lives in another state, and under Nevada law, is prohibited from becoming a guardian after the death of a care giving spouse. Mr. Olvera suffered the consequences of this law when it was discovered by strangers in the Clark County Family Court system that he had over a half million dollars cash in his trust account, and a fully paid for 3,000 square foot Sun City Anthem home worth another half million.

On the outside, Olvera looked ripe for the picking, a rich old man with severe physical disabilities, and no relatives in sight. The only problem? WW2 hero Guadalupe Olvera was not ready to die, and he had a tough as nails, loving family five hundred miles away who wanted him to come home to spend his final days in Central California, not cooped up in a big empty house in a cold, strange town waiting for Jared Shafer to see fit to end his “temporary guardianship.”

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Jared E. Shafer Loses Guardianship. Looted Senior Citizen Returns To Claim Home And Possessions After Winning Termination In A Bitter Sweet Victory

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7 Responses to “Jared E. Shafer Loses Guardianship; Looted Senior Citizen Returns to Claim Home and Possessions After Winning Termination in a Bitter Sweet Victory”

  1. Thelma Says:

    A rare win! And from a hungry beast! Yahoo!

  2. cutie hoch Says:

    My life was over once my brother forced my parents into the hha home in Riverdale without having medical authority to do so. Thus I thought to go to ct get myself to be their guardian. That failed. They appointed a guardian. They suffered at his hands of neglect and sorrow. I am suffering since then. Grief stolen funds accusations. Cruelty hatred stalking fear anxiety poverty. All because of my brother guardians and the help of hired thugs .

  3. Norma Says:

    Congratulations Mr. Olvera and family!

  4. honeybear Says:

    I bet Jared Shafer is fuming. This is a celebration moment.

  5. Betty Says:

    Wow, what a victory!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Jared Shafer is a slimeball. I had heard the feds were investigating him and I hope it won't be long and they'll cart him away.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    How wonderful this has happen! True Justice! Hopefully he gets all his assets and belongings back!Maybe this will be a start to all the corrupt guardianship's all over our country!So happy for their freedom from the sick courts!

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