Michigan Scheduling Statewide Elder Abuse Summit in June

FLINT, MI — Genesee County will host a statewide summit exploring elder abuse — a problem that officials say is only expected to get worse.

Catherine A. Emerson, from the Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan, said Genesee County was selected to host the summit in part because of the success of an elder abuse task force headed by Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell.

Pickell said his program, which is funded through a county millage, has obtained more than 400 felony warrants, including about two dozen so far this year.

The sheriff added that his elder abuse program has the time and manpower to handle incidents that local police agencies may not have the time or specialized skills needed to properly investigate.

Emerson said the issue of elder abuse is a growing problem, particularly as a large number of Baby Boomers age.

“There’s a perfect storm out there,” said Emerson, noting the aging population and continued financial hardships felt by many in the state.

Full Article and Source:
Genesee County to Host Statewide Elder Abuse Summit in June


2 Responses to “Michigan Scheduling Statewide Elder Abuse Summit in June”

  1. Thelma Says:

    Go, Michigan!The Boomers are bait for jailbird types.

  2. Finny Says:

    It's good that they're having these types of meetings but how do we get our issue in front of them?

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