Texas Lawyer Suspended for Six Months

El Paso attorney Stuart Leeds has been suspended from practicing law for six months, according to an order signed Tuesday.

Visiting Judge Martin Muncy of Andrews, Texas, revoked a six-month probation of Leeds’ license after 409th District Judge Sam Medrano held Leeds in contempt of court earlier this year.

Leeds’ suspension is effective immediately.

He has until June 14 to file an affidavit with the court “stating all current clients and opposing counsel have been notified of (Leeds’) suspension and that all files, papers monies and other property belonging to all current clients have been returned as ordered herein,” Muncy’s order says.

Short of disbarment, suspension is the harshest punishment Texas lawyers can suffer.

Leeds was on probation after the State Bar of Texas’ Commission for Lawyer Discipline filed a case against him over his behavior in a 2011 trial, in which 448th District Judge Regina Arditti was acquitted of bribery.

Full Article and Source:
Attorney Stuart Leeds Suspended From Practicing Law


2 Responses to “Texas Lawyer Suspended for Six Months”

  1. Sue Says:

    Appears to be a complicated case. I have sympathy for the suspended lawyers clients who are scrambling to retain a lawyer = nightmare situation.

  2. Nasga member Says:

    I wonder if he was suspended with pay.

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