Tennessee Public Guardian, Jeanan Mills Stuart’s, Fees Exceed $1.8 Million

The Davidson County public guardian, whose fees are under review by a local probate judge, has double-billed clients, billed more than 24 hours in a day and earned more than $270,000 in thousands of small, individual charges for tasks such as listening to a voice mail.

The Tennessean first raised questions  about Jeanan Mills Stuart’s fees when it found she was charging her legal rates of $200 to $225 per hour for nonlegal tasks, such as taking her wards on shopping trips and sorting their clothes before a move into an assisted-living center.

A new data analysis by The Tennessean of all of her billings between 2008 — when she was first appointed by the Metro Council — and February 2013 shows she has turned in fee requests with mistakes, such as double-billings, and more than 24-hour days, all of which have been approved by the judge overseeing the conservator cases.

In all, Stuart has billed for more than $1.8 million in fees since January 2008, when she took on her role, according to The Tennessean’s data analysis. As public guardian, she handles the affairs of people who are found by the Davidson County probate court to be mentally or physically unable to make their own decisions. Her wards have no control or say in what she does for them. The primary oversight of her fees is Davidson County Probate Judge David Randy Kennedy, who can approve or reject them.

Full Article and Source:
Davidson County Public Guardian’s Fees Exceed $1.8 Million

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16 Responses to “Tennessee Public Guardian, Jeanan Mills Stuart’s, Fees Exceed $1.8 Million”

  1. Finny Says:

    Thank you, Wally Roche and the Tennessean for your vigilence and the many articles you have done which have drawn much public attention and outrage.

  2. StandUp Says:

    Jeanan Mills Stuart should be prosecuted. Judge Randy Kennedy should be disbarred.Thank you NASGA for posting all these great articles from The Tennessean.

  3. Cheryl Says:

    I have seen Judge Kennedy's smiling face in person as he signs fee request after fee request without even looking at them.Sickening!

  4. jerri Says:

    omg omg i will have nightmares for the rest of my life that so called judge smiling there i know why he is all giddy smiling at people who are bags of cash for his probate pals and to kennedy you betcha folks and these beauties are waiting for you that should scare the **** out of you if i lived in davidson county tn i would walk away now right this minute while i am able he will get you dead or alive think about it omg omg i pray for strength god help me

  5. Thelma Says:

    Does anyone think he breaks the law for free?

  6. Nancy Says:

    Yes, that smiling face, knowing who is behind it and the wide trail of devastation he's left, will cause anyone to go on a diet.

  7. Finny Says:

    I hope Stuart and Kennedy are feeling the heat!

  8. Sue Says:

    Now I know what the DEVIL looks like! Thank you NASGA and Walter Roche and the Tennessean for a photo from the dark side the lowest level in HELL along with his pal Stuart who is concealing the truth how many versions does it take? God Help Us All especially praying for all the innocent people in Kennedy's jurisdiction.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Is that Stuart? If so she isn't aging very well compared to the other photos eeeek and I noticed her nose is growing hmmmmm I wonder why?

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Please protect us from these devils! Check out Florida! We need help! Florida victim's are threatened by the Judges and their friends. Please Help Us!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Check out Florida! Judge Patrick Caddell a County Judge does the exact same thing, should be checked out by FBI and Politicians that claim they car about people!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    All of her fingers are the same length……Some genetic oddity….

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Thick as thieves. That's the old saying and it appears to apply here.

  14. Thelma Says:

    Fingers same length? Her brain is clearly warped, to treat people the way she does.

  15. Sylvia Says:

    Good observations Anon about the fingers – I wonder what that indicates? Could it be a disability?

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Judge Kennedy and Jeanan Mills Stuart have hurt so many people. She was the UNWANTED conservator Judge Smiling Face appointed over my father in law, while we all sat in his courtroom. We are looking forward to seeing first Jeanan, then Kennedy, go down. Down is only place they can go.

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