CT Probate Judge Seeks to Remove Daughter From Control of Slain Mother’s Estate

East Hartford’s probate judge wants to remove Candace Bednarz as fiduciary of her slain mother’s estate, now that Bednarz has been arrested on charges of tampering with evidence and hindering the prosecution the man police say killed her mother.

Probate Judge Allan Driscoll has scheduled a hearing on the matter for May 14 at the East Hartford Probate Court in town hall. Driscoll also is seeking a report on the status of Beverly Therrien’s estate.

Driscoll made the move after learning of the arrest of Bednarz, 54, of Manchester. She posted $150,000 bail and is scheduled to be arraigned May 8 in Superior Court in Manchester.

Bednarz’s brother, Brett Bednarz, is awaiting trial on charges that he killed his 74-year-old mother, along with Pamela Johns, 60, and Michael Ramsey, 53, who were staying with Therrien at her home at 154 Naomi Drive home on Thanksgiving 2010.

Driscoll, at the request of the state victim advocate, already has ruled that there will be no disbursements from Therrien’s estate, except to creditors.

No will was found in Therrien’s home in the aftermath of her killing, and Driscoll ruled that a 2006 copy of her will was not valid. In the 2006 will, Therrien named Brett Bednarz as executor and primary beneficiary of her estate. Therrien specifically excluded Candace Bednarz from receiving anything from the estate.

“I intentionally make no provisions herein for the benefit of my daughter as there is no relationship between my daughter and me and I have provided money to her in the past to provide for herself and her daughter,” the will says. “Additionally, she has sufficient assets with which to support herself.”

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East Hartford Probate Judge Seeks to Remove Candice Bednarz From Control of Mother’s Estate


2 Responses to “CT Probate Judge Seeks to Remove Daughter From Control of Slain Mother’s Estate”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This is a complicated case and I don't know which way might even be right as yet.

  2. Thelma Says:

    Complicated, yes; the brother is charged with the murder.

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