Georgia High Court Accepts Voluntary Discipline of Attorney

The Georgia Supreme Court has accepted a petition for voluntary discipline for an Albany attorney, officials said Monday.

photoJohnnie Mae Graham, who has represented many high-profile clients including former Downtown Manager Don Buie and Municipal Court Judge Willie Weaver, was named in the action made public by the court Monday.
The court also recommended a review panel reprimand of Graham.
According to court records, Graham admitted that a client hired her to represent him in a civil case against an insurance company and that she miscalculated the statute of limitations regarding her client’s breach-of-contract claim and did not file suit before the claim expired.
Ultimately, Graham didn’t file any pleadings in regards to the case and, at the same time, her client filed for bankruptcy protection from the court, and, when the bankruptcy court attempted to contact Graham in regards to the civil suit, court records show that she wasn’t prompt in responding either general inquiries or a subpoena.

2 Responses to “Georgia High Court Accepts Voluntary Discipline of Attorney”

  1. StandUp Says:

    This is really good in that it saves the expense and time of a full blown hearing.

  2. Thelma Says:

    Maybe she needs to be "guardianized."

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