Marti Oakley: Death Via Probate Court? I’m Not Dead!

 Across the country an American Horror Story is unfolding as massive numbers of elderly individuals who have committed the heinous crime of [aging with assets], now find themselves in probate court and officially declared dead in the law by virtue of being declared an incompetent ward of the state.

This is human trafficking sanctioned by not only the courts, but also by congresses, both state and federal who are well aware of these organized criminal activities, but who refused to acknowledge or act to defend the elderly from these predators.
This fictional declaration of death via probate court, is a careful construct patterned after the organized crime rings operating in family courts. In one court we abduct, sell and trade minor children, and in the other we abduct, sell and exploit the lives and finances of the elderly. Everyone involved, from the so-called protection agencies, judges, commercial predatory guardians, medical providers, hospitals, nursing homes and walls of unethical and immoral attorneys, line up to take a piece of the pie.
The pie can also be comprised of the monetary value in the Medicare/Medicaid system where targeted victims can be worth a million or more in inflated medical charges, padded medical billing, padded bills for doctors, insurance payments, thefts of social security benefits, VA benefits and whatever else may be out there in the way of grants, funding and subsidy.
Many times the “pie” can be comprised of liquid assets, stocks, bonds, property, valuable art and jewelry…..all of which can disappear into the accounts and pockets of the predators just as fast as the facilitating probate judge can declare the individual not only dead in the law, but incompetent as well.

Full Article and Source:
Death Via Probate Court?  I’m Not Dead!”


4 Responses to “Marti Oakley: Death Via Probate Court? I’m Not Dead!”

  1. Sherri Says:

    Great article, Marti Oakley!

  2. B Inberg Says:

    Probate is the court of liquidation perfect setting for guardianship with the G Team's eye on the cash. No cash all is well for the target who is better off homeless on the streets at least he or she is free of court ordered hell on earth.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    That article needs to be picked up by the national media in a big way. Thank you Marti Oakley. eb

  4. Jason Says:

    I always try to listen to Marti Oakley's show on Sunday nights when she does guardianship. I am glad to see her writing too.

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