New Jersey: Volunteers Needed for Guardianship Monitoring Program in Hunterdon

Surrogate Susan J. Hoffman, announces that Hunterdon County is the first county to participate in the New Jersey Judiciary Statewide Guardianship Monitoring Program. The Guardianship Monitoring Program utilizes volunteers to review annual guardianship reports filed by guardians on behalf of their wards.

There is currently a need for volunteer researchers in Hunterdon. Researchers examine documents contained in guardianship files and enter information about the guardianships into a statewide database.

Volunteers will receive detailed training from the judiciary on how to read and analyze the guardians’ annual reports and how to gather data for the statewide database. Volunteer monitors will flag inconsistent or incomplete financial information, which will be reported to volunteer coordinators for further action.

The submission and review of the annual reports is essential to ensure that the susceptible adult population — the elderly and disabled — are being treated with dignity and are free from exploitation. Guardians may benefit by referral to sources of help and information that they may not be aware of.
Hunterdon County has had a similar program in place since 1996.

Information about the program and how to volunteer can be obtained on the judiciary’s website,, by calling toll-free 855-406-1262, or by emailing

Volunteers Needed for Guardianship Monitoring Program in Hunterdon


3 Responses to “New Jersey: Volunteers Needed for Guardianship Monitoring Program in Hunterdon”

  1. Thelma Says:

    Great idea! Volunteers can do what the judges have not been doing – monitoring and auditing.This is not aimed at Hunterdon judges, but judges all across the dountry!

  2. Finny Says:

    I hope this program is successful!

  3. FiducairyWatch Says:

    FiduciaryWatch would like to start the Voluntary Guardianship, Conservatorship, Trustee, Program here in Northern California. Please contact us at, or 707-5-9-9542. Ask for Pete at . .

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