Judge Randy Kennedy Names Task Force on Compensation for Conservators and Guardians

Davidson County Judge Randy Kennedy has informed members of Metro Council that 14 local community leaders have agreed to serve on a Task Force on Compensation for Conservators and Guardians.

In announcing the formation of the Task Force, Judge Kennedy said, “I am extremely pleased that these individuals have offered to donate their time and knowledge to this important endeavor. They will assist the court in identifying measures that can be implemented to minimize costs without sacrificing the quality of service required for our most vulnerable citizens.

The Task Force consists of seven non-lawyer representatives who bring a wide array of experiences in dealing with elderly and disabled adults, special need children, and their families. The remaining seven members are practicing attorneys who have successfully handled both conservatorships and guardianships in numerous courts.

Task Force members include: Metro Councilman Walter Hunt, Attorney Rebecca Blair, Fifty Forward, Inc. Executive Director Janet Jernigan, Attorney Cynthia Gardner, State Public Guardian Jeanne Caudill, Attorney Colleen Maclean,’ Assistant Commissioner Tennessee Department of Health Marthagem Whitlock, Attorney Chris Norris, Director for Michael Dunn Center Dr. Lara Collins, former Public Guardian for Davidson County Monica Edwards, Esq., Associate Executive Director of Fifty Forward, Inc. Adrienne Newman, Attorney Steve Tepley, District Public Conservator for Greater Nashville Regional Council on Aging Kim Hale, and Attorney Andra Hedrick.

Judge Kennedy anticipates the Task Force will meet monthly beginning no later than May, and expects that the group will continue until it can prepare a report and recommendations that will assist the court in promoting guidelines for fees and compensation in these unique cases.

Judge Kennedy Names Task Force on Compensation for Conservators and Guardians


6 Responses to “Judge Randy Kennedy Names Task Force on Compensation for Conservators and Guardians”

  1. Leslie Says:

    A task force? I thought Judge Randy Kennedy said there weren't problems and yet he's making a task force?

  2. Finny Says:

    What is the judicial discipline committee doing with Judge Randy Kennedy? That's the big question. How many lives are they going to continue to be harmed by this man?

  3. JAMIE Says:


  4. Thelma Says:

    No tiebreakers, such as a former Kennedy victim?

  5. Betty Says:

    Do they think we're falling for this?

  6. Don Says:

    Sadly, some of the uninformed public does fall for this. I only recognize on name on this list – atty Chris Norris. She not only refused to help me in my father's conservatorship because I could not pay her (though my father could since his net worth was over $1 million and this judge allowed others to 'steal' from him), I noticed that she is also one of Kennedy's sycophants who praises him in public so she'll prosper in private. I would also be skeptical of any former Public Guardian for Davidson County. They are welcome to seek advice from me, Danny Tate, Ginger Franklin, Mary Fowler, Marlene Spalding, Becca Spivey, etc. Actually, when I see a list like this, it makes me want to investigate these people to see what they've done in the past to merit Kennedy's attention.

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