Conservatorship Ward Wins Against Santa Clara County Public Guardian

Source: Elderly Woman Wins Case Over Public Guardian

ABC7’s First Investigative Report:

We’re told to protect our assets with things like living trusts and wills. But a case in Santa Clara County is raising questions about when our plans can be changed by someone else, possibly against our wishes.

In early February, 85-year-old Grace Alaimo was in a Santa Clara superior courtroom surrounded by people arguing over what she wants.

Family Member, County Face Off Over Woman’s Best Interests

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Repost:  ABC7 Investigates the Santa Clara County Public Guardian


11 Responses to “Conservatorship Ward Wins Against Santa Clara County Public Guardian”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Who do they think, who paysfor her care.???? America does not have insurance coverage to take care of an elders health care, once medicare, or even other healthcare coverage,has expired!!!!People do not realize that, without Universal healthcare coverage, they will take the assets!!!

  2. Betty Says:

    Go ABC& and Dan Noyes.

  3. Sue Says:

    We appreciate the efforts of the media to educate people, inform and warn. Thank YOU! ABC and investigative Dan Noyes and his I-Team.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Congratulations to this family!

  5. StandUp Says:

    This is interesting. The Santa Clara County Public Guardian is under the microscope again and once again is found going against the wishes of their wards. Are there any Santa Clara County legislators who aren't afraid to speak up and do something?

  6. Thelma Says:

    Really good news to see a victim come back and win.

  7. Diana Says:

    I am so impressed with the work Dan Noyes and ABC have done in exposing the Santa Clara County Public Guardian. This is what reporters are supposed to do – keeping the public informed.Thank you ABC!

  8. Terry Says:

    It's a miracle and a very nice one. The Santa Clara County Public Guardian has been riding too high too long. Innocent people have suffered and the Public Guardian has smirked. Now, what goes around is coming around to them and it's about time.

  9. Debbie Do Says:

    This post made my day. Thank you ABC and thank you NASGA.

  10. Norma Says:

    Reports like these give us all hope that justice will be served.

  11. Jason Says:

    Watch out Santa Clara County Public Guardian, you're being watched for a change.

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