Missouri Supreme Court Suspends Associate Circuit Judge Barbara Peebles for Six Months Without Pay

A St. Louis judge has been suspended without pay for six months, according to a ruling issued Friday by the Missouri Supreme Court.

The unpaid suspension of Associate Circuit Judge Barbara Peebles begins Monday. She has been suspended with pay since August, when the Missouri Commission on Retirement, Removal and Discipline voted 5-1 to recommend her removal. The sixth member favored a six-month suspension.

The one-page order, issued by Chief Justice Richard B. Teitelman, said that the court found that Peebles “engaged in misconduct” but does not go into specifics.

The state commission had cited a series of reasons, including her abdication of duties to a clerk while on vacation in China and her destruction of a court document that complained about the clerk’s conduct.

She also was cited for starting court late, talking to a newspaper reporter about a pending case and a lack of credibility regarding the investigation.

Courthouse rumors in St. Louis had long speculated that the court would decline to follow the commission’s recommendation to remove Peebles, and that the high court would time its announcement for a day when the legislature was out of session to minimize any repercussions there.

Friday was Good Friday.

Full Article and Source:
Mo. Supreme Court Suspends St. Louis Judge for Six Months Without Pay

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3 Responses to “Missouri Supreme Court Suspends Associate Circuit Judge Barbara Peebles for Six Months Without Pay”

  1. StandUp Says:

    It's good that they did something. Debenching would have been better, but at least they did something.

  2. Thelma Says:

    ix months without pay may teach her a lesson.

  3. Luis Says:

    Maybe potential judges should be given psych tests before they are accepted for the bench.

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