Justice at Last for Disinherited Caretaker, Sam Manzo!

It has taken too long for justice to prevail — 3 1/2 years.

The arc of history is finally bending toward justice in the case of Sam Manzo and the valuable but ramshackle farm he stands to inherit in Southington. 

This past week, a Superior Court judge hearing Mr. Manzo’s appeal of a Southington probate court order removed what is probably the last significant roadblock between Mr. Manzo and his rightful inheritance.

Now the case goes to Hartford Probate Judge Robert Killian to resolve the few remaining questions. Surely the erudite, experienced Judge Killian can wrap up the case — which has been an ugly sore on the probate system — with dispatch.

The farm was the property of Josephine Smoron, who died at 92 on June 20, 2009. Ms. Smoron wanted Mr. Manzo, her longtime caretaker, to have the farm — and especially her beloved cows. She said so, specifically, in two wills.

But while Ms. Smoron lay dying in a nursing home, a probate judge who would later be censured by the Council on Probate Judicial Conduct and a lawyer who was castigated by the Statewide Grievance Committee ignored the old lady’s wishes and sought to hustle Mr. Manzo out of his eventual inheritance.

The probate judge, Bryan Meccariello, expressed doubts about Mr. Manzo’s ability to take care of Ms. Smoron as she declined and wondered whether the caretaker was putting his own interests first. He terminated Mr. Manzo’s conservatorship of Ms. Smoron.

Mr. Meccariello then allowed the lawyer, John Nugent, who became Ms. Smoron’s conservator, to set up two trusts, transfer her assets into them and name others to be the beneficiaries — putting the farm beyond Mr. Manzo’s reach. Mr. Nugent wanted the Smoron farm sold to a developer.

It was a brazen scheme. But Superior Court Judge William H. Bright, who heard Mr. Manzo’s appeal of the Southington probate court order setting up the trusts, would have none of it.

Full Article and Source:
Justice at Last for Disinherited Caretaker

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6 Responses to “Justice at Last for Disinherited Caretaker, Sam Manzo!”

  1. Thelma Says:

    How dare they change the woman's wishes? Did they prove that she was not competent to make a will?

  2. Finny Says:

    Wow — I'm so glad it finally worked out for Sam Manzo.Thelma's right, how dare they? They should be forced to pay the legal bills and compensate Mr. Manzo.

  3. Diane Says:

    It is unbelievable that these greedy thieves come along and chnage the will, which is what this woman wanted. Thelma, how dare they is right!! AND here is my question: did she go to a lawyer to draw up the will?? And if so, what was his/her response in probate court? Just having gone through that recently myself, the lawyer who drew up my parents will was perfectly willing to testify to exactly what their wishes were if it was necessary. I hope Mr. Manzo sues these evil crooks.

  4. Nancy Says:

    I have followed this case and am so glad ot see Sam Manzo finally winning – but at what cost financially and emotionally?

  5. Thelma Says:

    A long time, yes, but he won.And that is rare because the courts are corrupt.

  6. mikaljains Says:

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