NJ Healthcare Worker Charged with Using Stolen Credit Card to Buy Online Merchandise

Police have charged a woman, who allegedly stole personal information about residents from her employer, with credit card fraud and theft.

Detective Robert Harms arrested Jennifer De Los Santos, 23, on March 14 at a healthcare facility in Linden where she worked as a patient service supervisor, after he identified her as a suspect in an investigation of credit card fraud, police said.

The investigation began when Roselle Park Police were alerted that a resident’s credit card account information had been compromised after a telephone billing transaction with the healthcare facility.

The theft/fraud suspect, later identified as De Los Santos, allegedly used the patient’s credit card information to purchase merchandise online from Forever 21, Diapers.com and Target. De Los Santos had the companies ship the merchandise to the healthcare facility using a fictitious name, police said.

Full Article and Source:
Healthcare worker charged with using stolen credit card information to buy online merchandise


2 Responses to “NJ Healthcare Worker Charged with Using Stolen Credit Card to Buy Online Merchandise”

  1. Cecilia Says:

    This is why when somone goes into a facility, the family should not reveal any assets or financial information.

  2. StandUp Says:

    I agree Cecilia.

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