TN Couple Reportedly Exploited Elderly Residents

Two Jonesborough residents, one named as the caregiver of two elderly people, were arrested Thursday on exploitation charges after they alledgedly wrote checks without permission from both victims’ bank accounts to themselves and withdrew large amounts of money daily from local ATMs, according to a restraining order filed in court.

After a four-month Johnson City police investigation with assistance from Tennessee Adult Protective Services and the 1st Judicial District Attorney General’s Office, Jama Curtis, 39, and Tony Curtis, 40, both of Jonesborough, were indicted by a Washington County grand jury, a police news release said.

Jama Curtis was acting as the caregiver of a non-married couple, Ben A. Roberts, 85, and Billie Godwin, 82, according to Assistant District Attorney General Erin McArdle.

Jama Curtis was power of attorney for Roberts on July 13, 2012, to assist him and provide for his medical care and well-being, as he had been diagnosed with dementia.

According to McArdle, who filed the restraining order against the Curtises, from Sept. 20 to Nov. 9, Jama Curtis started withdrawing up to $1,000 daily from ATM machines in both Jonesborough and Johnson City from Roberts’ account. The total amount she withdrew is estimated at $47,014.

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Jonesborough Couple Reportedly Exploited Elderly Residents


3 Responses to “TN Couple Reportedly Exploited Elderly Residents”

  1. Mary Says:

    Jail time, community service, and restitution is in order!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Noone deserves punishment for a crime until proven guilty!!

  3. Goldie Says:

    Well Anonymous….I guess he could claim that during the time when his mind was gone, he authorized the checks for almost $50k. Or maybe this poor old man wanted him to guy him a yacht. Please…..this has guilty as charged written all over it. Let me guess….you were allowed computer privileges in jail..or maybe a friend who was party to this whole thing ANONYMOUS!

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