Governor Christie Ignores Complaints against Judge McVeigh


POB 001

Dear Governor Christie,

I am writing to you once again about a New Jersey Judge, Margaret Mary McVeigh, JSC, who serves as a Chancery court Judge. 71 Hamilton St., Paterson, New Jersey.

I have written to the Judicial Review Division of the court, Chief Judge Volkert in Patterson and Chief Judge Rabner in Trenton, New Jersey. I have also published rather extensively and provided specific details related to the pattern of corruption via the plundering of estates of litigants brought to probate by a consistent series of lawyers – Joseph Mecca, Esq., lawyers from the Hunziker firm in Wayne, New Jersey and others, named in my published articles.

The same protocol is consistently employed. An estate brought to probate, viewed by the Judge and the appointed trustees of the estate are removed, replaced by the same cast of characters drafted by the judge, family members are removed from contact with the recipient of an estate via restraining order. All key participants/family members who have been named as recipients of the estate are removed, replaced by McVeigh appointees who are then paid by the estate until the estate is totally denuded. The individual for whom the estate was meant to support and protect is invariably left homeless, penniless, sent to a nursing home or group home in the case of a physically impaired youth. The original estate owner is always declared to be mentally incompetent by the court appointed medical minions – or the judge herself – and the subject’s physicians are removed from ministering to their patient who is then isolated from all sources of chosen support, left to the voracious appetites of the court and court appointed minions who devour the proceeds of the estate, time and time again.

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Governor Christie Ignores Complaints against Judge McVeigh

5 Responses to “Governor Christie Ignores Complaints against Judge McVeigh”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I only wonder why people are complaining to Gov. Christie rathr than filing a discipline complaint.

  2. Connie Says:

    Anonymous, maybe in NJ judges are appointed and not elected and that's why the person is writing to the Governor.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    For all of you not involved in the guardianship nightmare, you complain to the governor because no one else will do their jobs. It should bother the governor that public employees receiving taxpayer money are useless. Governor Christie doesn't seem to have any interest in human/civil rights. Fox News has chastised him in the past.

  4. Norma Says:

    It's going on in courts across the country – same scenario.

  5. Friends of Gary Harvey Says:

    The govenor lets me rephrase that…and Honest Govenor will do the right thing. These kind of abuse in guardianship is accross the this entire planet and has been around for hundreads of years. The greed is getting worse and the machine (corrupt courts, judges, lawyers, GAL's appointed professionals)behind it is far greater than anyone can reach except God and then will judgement day be served. Keep shouting Stewart, Barbara. Michael Keough, Mary V. and Jill. There are more victims to that fell prey to this Judge.

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