Recommended Website: Not Dead Yet – The Resistance

Not Dead Yet is a national, grassroots disability rights group that opposes legalization of assisted suicide and euthanasia as deadly forms of discrimination against old, ill and disabled people.

Not Dead Yet helps organize and articulate opposition to these practices based on secular social justice arguments.

Not Dead Yet demands the equal protection of the law for the targets of so called “mercy killing” whose lives are seen as worth-less.


5 Responses to “Recommended Website: Not Dead Yet – The Resistance”

  1. Nancy Says:

    I have talked to the people at Not Dead Yet and they are great advocates. Thanks for plugging them, NASGA.

  2. StandUp Says:

    Not Dead Yet didn't bat an eye on the Gary Harvey case. They heard about it and right away jumped in and put it up on their website.

  3. Steve Says:

    I have heard all praises about Not Dead Yet as well.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Me too.

  5. Kelly Says:

    Not Dead Yet is a good source for those interested in advocating against assisted suicide.

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