Ottawa County elderly abuse case file sent to attorney

Ottawa County prosecutor Mark Mulligan has yet to make up his mind on a possible $200,000 theft from the elderly case. But that’s not to say he hasn’t done anything. In an unorthodox pre-trial, pre-charges move, Mulligan sent a letter and all his evidence to the suspect’s attorney last week.

Mulligan refused to talk about his strategy on the record, but Wisehart confirmed he received a letter and a thick case file from the prosecutor.

“I’m going to review it over the weekend,” Wisehart said. “He wants to hear our side of the story.”
The controversy stems from a $200,000 debt accrued by a 62-year-old Marblehead jewelry shop owner over a period of two years. The funds came either directly from Shaeffer’s bank account or from credit cards in Shaeffer’s name.

The shop owner used Shaeffer’s cash and credit to buy jewelry, run her store and furnish her daughter’s apartment and to make “numerous day-to-day purchases including meals, utility payments, gasoline and clothing,” according to Danbury Township police Detective Mark Meisler’s investigative report.

Shaeffer’s family called it theft from the elderly. That’s what Meisler called it, too.
Wisehart maintains it was a business loan.

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Ottawa County elderly abuse case file sent to attorney


One Response to “Ottawa County elderly abuse case file sent to attorney”

  1. Finny Says:

    Interesting strategy. I will be interested to find out how this plays out.

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