The Forgotten Ones: Compassion for the Elderly

A little girl asked me once why children were adopted but no body adopted old people? I could not answer her question. I just cried and told her it was sad wasn’t it? We held hands and I told her maybe if we just volunteered it would help.  ♥
~ Barbara Taylor Vaughan

Source:  The Forgotten Ones:  Compassion for the Elderly


3 Responses to “The Forgotten Ones: Compassion for the Elderly”

  1. Barbara Says:

    So well said!

  2. Finny Says:

    I love their FB page.

  3. B Inberg Says:

    Sweet the young innocent generation learning to accept, love and have compassion for the elders of our society for without that personal knowledge our world will not be a better place.I'm certain the elderly welcome the concern and attention.We're all in God's Waiting Room.

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