Tonight on T.S. Radio: Elder Abuse – Tracking Professional Predators

Beverly Newman, Elder Advocate, Florida, will co host this show.

Join us this evening as we update our listeners on several ongoing cases involving professional predators who are looting the estates of targeted elderly individuals. As always, the corrupt probate courts are instrumental in facillitating the imprisonment, theft of assets and harsh treatment of the elderly individuals.

Our guest this evening will be Doug Franks who has been fighting to free his mother from the harsh effects of a predatory guardianship in Pensacola, Florida.

Doug operates the Free Ernestine website listed below.
5:00 pm PST… 6:00 pm MST … 7:00 EST … 8:00 pm EST

LISTEN LIVE or listen to the archive later


One Response to “Tonight on T.S. Radio: Elder Abuse – Tracking Professional Predators”

  1. B Inberg Says:

    Hey Marti another great show – see you next week. Thanks to all who participated and contributed.

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