PA Attorney Accused of Federal Tax Fraud Pleads Not Guilty

A court-appointed attorney accused of federal tax fraud showed up in court and pleaded not guilty on Friday.

Danielle Ross is currently suspended from her job as the attorney who represents the interests of children in Lackawanna County family court.

Earlier this week, Ross was indicted on federal tax charges.

Ross and her attorney said they will fight the federal charges of tax evasion and filing false income tax returns.

She was suspended from her position of guardian ad litem in Lackawanna County court.

Guardian ad litem represents the interests of children in court in custody and visitation hearings.

Ross has worked on hundreds of those cases and some of the families were in court Friday. They claimed that Ross’s claims were biased and not based on facts and her billing was excessive.

Ross is facing charges that she did not pay taxes on the billings above her base salary.

Full Article and Source:
Attorney Accused of Federal Tax Fraud Pleads Not Guilty

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3 Responses to “PA Attorney Accused of Federal Tax Fraud Pleads Not Guilty”

  1. Finny Says:

    I would have had more respect for Danielle Ross if she'd just admitted it and took her punishment.Thanks for posting, NASGA.

  2. Thelma Says:

    How many other guardians are cheating IRS and the taxpayers?

  3. B Inberg Says:

    Hey Thelma good question. ANSWER: Many are cheating IRS but is anyone really checking?A guardian has control of everything her/his ward has. Look around your house – OMG the worth and the stashed CASH.Much is off the inventory, it's so easy to do inventory is on the HONOR SYSTEM – hey, don't fall over laughing.In Illinois, Sharon Mehrtens the big Guradian in her area southern IL has businesses realted to her gig as a Public Guardian including a THRIFT SHOP business, antiques etc. How handy is that?Hmmmmmm now where does the stock come from?So much CASH and profit is concealed, the true number would be A S T R O N O M I C A L ! ! !And this is going on nationwide, for how long, do the math if your calculator has that many $0000000000000000000000000000's

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