Nonprofit takes long look at senior transportation

DOWNTOWN — A recent survey released by WISE & Healthy Aging suggests that Santa Monica may need to alter the way it provides transportation to its most senior residents to get them out of the house and remain active in the community.

The survey, conducted between Aug. 27 and Nov. 5 with 369 respondents, asked seniors aged 80 and above how often and for what purpose they used Dial-a-Ride, a service that allows seniors to arrange for rides to the grocery store, medical appointments or other necessities.

It also queried how often seniors used the after-hours taxi, a service that picks up after Dial-a-Ride ends for the day.

Results showed that many seniors don’t use local transportation options like Dial-a-Ride or the after-hours taxi as much as they could, largely because they’re unfamiliar with the programs.
Instead, they end up taking public transportation, driving their own car or getting a ride from someone else.

Over half of Santa Monica’s octogenarians didn’t know that the after-hours option was available, and just under 50 percent of those above the age of 90 were unaware that they could arrange for a cab at night twice a month if need be.

That was huge for staff at WISE & Healthy Aging, who plan to ramp up efforts to familiarize aging Santa Monicans with the transportation options that are available to them, said Grace Cheng Braun, president and CEO of WISE & Healthy Aging.

Snagging a spot in a Dial-a-Ride van or the after-hours taxi takes some advance preparation. The person setting up the ride has to be a member, and in many cases the request must be made at least two days in advance for either service.

Trips also cost 50 cents one-way for the Dial-a-Ride van to city meetings, and $3 each way for the taxi service, according to a flyer.

While it’s important for seniors to know their options, where and when those modes of transportation are available make a huge difference in the likelihood that a resident will take advantage of them.
Most of the almost 400 seniors polled reported that they would like to use the services to attend daytime group activities like movies or communal meals, Braun said, and many chose not to use the taxi service because they had no desire to go out that late at night.  

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Nonprofit takes long look at senior transportation


3 Responses to “Nonprofit takes long look at senior transportation”

  1. B Inberg Says:

    Great idea! Transportation is a major problem that comes with aging. Independence with common sense assistance for low cost services is the way to go and it's best for the senior's physical and mental health. A non-profit WISE & Healthy Agingis the source of this remedy. Thank You!

  2. Thelma Says:

    Great idea! But they forgot something: To tell the seniors!

  3. Thelma Says:

    Great idea! But they forgot something: To tell the seniors!

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