Psychiatric drugs tied to falls in the elderly

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Seniors taking psychiatric drugs may be at extra high risk for falling, new Dutch research suggests.

Of about 400 elderly people in the study, those who took medications including antidepressants and antipsychotics were twice as likely to report having fallen three or more times in the previous year, researchers found.

The new study can’t prove that falls were due to the effects of the drugs, themselves, and not to seniors’ underlying medical conditions, for example.

But a number of side effects of psychiatric drugs – from changes in thinking and attention to drops in blood pressure – could put elderly people at greater risk for falls, according to Dr. Allen Huang, head of geriatrics at The Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada.

“In my clinical observation, it’s usually the first two weeks when people start something new that bad things happen,” said Huang, who has studied psychiatric drugs in older adults but wasn’t involved in the new research.

Seniors are especially vulnerable to falls, which at their worst can cause hip fractures, head injuries or death.

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Psychiatric drugs tied to falls in the elderly

2 Responses to “Psychiatric drugs tied to falls in the elderly”

  1. Thelma Says:

    I have absolutely no doubt that drugs are the cause of many falls.

  2. Betty Says:

    The question is why does our government (meaning our elected representatives) give Big Pharma so much power?I believe psychotropic drugging of the elderly is a problem that can be solved, for the most part, easily: fines

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