TN: Conservator Pleads Guilty to Sexual Battery, Theft

With his two victims looking on, a 76-year-old former court appointed conservator pleaded guilty Monday to theft and sexual battery charges, crimes he committed against the very people he was charged with protecting.

Speaking so softly he could barely be heard, Walter Strong of Celina entered the guilty pleas under an agreement where charges of rape by an authority figure were dropped. From 2004 until 2011, Strong was the conservator of a handicapped couple. He admitted to sexual battery on the woman and theft of $105,479 from both of them.

He will face 270 days of jail time under the plea deal, time that could drop to 200 days for good behavior.
Although Strong was also ordered to make restitution to the couple, his attorney, Jack Lowery of Lebanon, told Circuit Judge Judge David A. Patterson it was unlikely his client would ever be able to pay back the full amount.

“He doesn’t have $105,000,” Lowery said.

When the judge asked him directly if he would agree to make restitution, Strong said, “I don’t know how.”

Patterson warned Strong that, if he failed to make an effort at restitution, the full 10-year sentence called for under state law could be imposed.

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Conservator Pleads Guilty to Sexual Battery, Theft

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3 Responses to “TN: Conservator Pleads Guilty to Sexual Battery, Theft”

  1. StandUp Says:

    I believe restitution is important but so is jail time. This guy deserves both.

  2. Thelma Says:

    If there's no restitution, he should get the full ten years.

  3. Sue Says:

    P R I S O N what's up with jail time? Could be out in 200 days? He sexually assaulted his female ward – hey folks how bad does it need to get? Money and this scum was so bold and thinking of me me me to use her for his own gratification – how sick is this?I am so ashamed of our justice system I am spitting hot nails.Those folks in TN need to shout out loud if this is justice what is there to fear?N O T H I N G ! ! !

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