Dear Abby:

DEAR ABBY – My husband’s younger sister, “Cindy,” is mentally ill. She has caused tremendous problems in the family. She has been arrested too many times to remember and is now on five years’ probation for injury to a child. My in-laws continue making excuses for her and are the worst enablers I have ever known.

My husband once urged his dad to put Cindy into a group home or program that will take care of her because his parents are getting up in years. They refuse because it would mean they’d have to have Cindy officially committed, and they think there is still some magic doctor out there who will fix her.

Can my husband do anything as a last effort before something happens to one of his parents, or she winds up in jail?

DEAR SAD – Your husband should try to convince his parents to get some family counseling. It might help them accept that their daughter needs more help than they are equipped to give her. An outside, objective person should weigh in so that Cindy can get the professional help she so obviously needs.

If she is physically, psychologically or emotionally abusing her parents, Adult Protective Services can step in to be sure they are protected. When your in-laws pass away, if your sister-in-law becomes a danger to herself or those around her, a family member can request a commitment and psychological evaluation.

Dear Abby


4 Responses to “Dear Abby:”

  1. Jessica Says:

    I'm sure APS would step in, but "protect"? Well, mabye, but maybe not too.

  2. FiduciaryWatch Says:

    APS is problably the last thing they should want, as their lives will never be the same once APS starts in. How about going to meetings at the local Senior Center?

  3. B Inberg Says:

    I wish them well and I hope the parents are safe at home this could go bad fast if the state doesn't like how they are maintaining their home, disagree with their lifestyle. Cindy's parents can end up in worse situation, find themselves in a guardianship losing all their rights and assets before the ink is dry.

  4. Luis Says:

    Senior Center?Is there anywhere safe these days from the thieving trawlers?

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