Virginia: ALF’s Operating on Expired Licenses

These are the five remaining homes operated by ProPlusCare, a company formed by Scott Schuett. In November he appointed Rena (Gaddy) Thomas to take over leadership of the company; he also closed the Governor’s Inn facility in Newport News. A month before her appointment, Thomas, who was married to Schuett briefly in 2011, lost her administrator’s license for repeated inspection violations at Ashwood Assisted Living in Hampton.

Ashwood Assisted Living, 40 Hunt Club Blvd., Hampton; 757-827-0000.
Listed Administrator: Rena Thomas (license revoked Oct. 31, 2012)
License: One-year license expired Aug. 25, 2012. Renewal is under appeal.
Last inspection: Nov. 15, 2012; observed unruly resident, urine-soaked pants, no recorded menu substitutions, maintenance issues, call bell not working, foul odors, bed bugs, cockroaches. “The facility failed to assume general responsibility for the health, safety and well-being of the residents.”

Chesapeake Home, 1012 N. George Washington Highway, Chesapeake; 757-485-5597
Listed Administrator: Kristin Krewson
License: One-year license expired Dec. 31, 2012. Renewal inspection completed, waiting for decision.
Last inspection: Dec. 4, 5, 6, 2012; acting administrator failed to document when on site; admitted residents on psychotropic meds without appropriate treatment plan, failed to document assessed needs, menu not posted and did not meet USDA guidelines, improper administration of medications, failure to provide scheduled activities, maintenance issues, and lack of staff training in cognitive impairments.

Colonial Home, 904 George Washington Highway, Chesapeake; 757-487-9737.
Listed Administrator: None.
License: One-year license expired Dec. 5, 2012. Renewal inspection completed, waiting for decision.
Last inspection: Nov. 26, 2012; Billing irregularity; October renewal inspection found discharge irregularities, medications not available, inconsistent record-keeping, acting administrator hadn’t filed application to Long Term Care Board.

Madison Retirement Center, 251 Patriots Lane, Williamsburg; 757-220-4014.
Listed Administrator: None.
License: Conditional license expired March 5, 2012. Renewal is under appeal.
Last inspection: Nov. 13, 2012; no licensed administrator of record, resident didn’t have medical hose on, medication records not accurately documented, needed medications not available, dirty linens, bed bugs.

Oakwood Assisted Living, 2536 E. Washington St., Suffolk; 757-538-9214.
Listed Administrator: Scott C. Schuett (license revoked Dec. 11, 2012)
License: One-year license expired Sept. 30, 2012. Renewal is under appeal.
Last inspection: Nov. 26, 2012; during renewal inspection “33 violations that were widespread, systemic, pervasive, and with high risk ratings” were observed.

Full Article and Source:
ALF’s Operating on Expired Licenses

4 Responses to “Virginia: ALF’s Operating on Expired Licenses”

  1. Thelma Says:

    It's not an easy thing, dealing with these patients, but if you want to be in the business you'd better mind the law!

  2. StandUp Says:

    You're right, Thelma. And there's alot of profit in this business, so that's more of an incentive to follow the law!

  3. Cheryll Says:

    I love seeing the names listed and all the information! I hope the publicity does something to shut these people down!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Of all of the hundreds of pages of violations at Scott Schuett's facilities, the most telling violations are the repeated citations for lack of medications.It is customary for our cowardly licensing officials and our cynical, dishonest social services, community services board, and public guardianship programs to blame the problems at these facilities on lack of funding.Most of these residents are on auxiliary grant, which is in fact a modest amount that should be increased.HOWEVER, auxiliary grant clients have FULL MEDICAID COVERAGE! Their medications are paid for, 100%, so there is NO FINANCIAL BARRIER to having all of their medications available at all times.This is poor care, pure and simple. Basically, our public officials are responding to this poor care not just by ignoring it, but by actually enabling it, continuing to dump people in these facilities, sweeping any complaints under the rug, and viciously retaliating against anyone who has the gall to go off script and stick up for these victims.This is abuse and neglect, nothing more, nothing less.

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