Sunnybrook lifts ban, allows daughter to see aging veteran father

TORONTO – Canada’s largest veterans facility has lifted its ban on a woman who complained about bedbugs and a threat to a resident’s safety.

Following a weekend meeting, Sunnybrook said Jackie Storrison could see her aging dad at its veterans centre, from which police escorted her more than a week ago.

The facility did insist security was on hand when Storrison went to see her father on Saturday.

“To have security sitting outside the room was beyond humiliating,” Storrison, 61, said Sunday.

“I felt as though I was under house arrest. I felt like I had been convicted of a criminal offence and basically given probation with the condition that I attend mediation.”

Sunnybrook banned Storrison, who has spent most evenings over the past three years caring for her 91-year-old father at the veterans centre, after nurses apparently accused her of going on a “verbal rampage for hours on end”.

Storrison, who denies being abusive, said the allegation came after she alerted staff to an elderly resident wandering down the hallway alone and on another occasion to bedbugs in a patient’s room.

Sunnybrook spokesman Craig DuHamel said Sunday the no-trespass order had been lifted unconditionally, and there was no need for security to be present during Storrison’s future visits.

Storrison, a mother and grandmother who works in a lawyer’s office, has been among a group of relatives with loved ones in Sunnybrook who have spoken publicly about what they call neglect of the most frail vets.

They also said the facility had consistently shut down their attempts at raising concerns.

Those allegations — all strenuously denied by Sunnybrook — prompted Veterans Affairs Minister Steven Blaney to order an audit of the 500-bed facility, something no level of government had done in more than seven years.

Results of the audit are pending.

Storrison said she was really bothered that neither executive vice-president Malcolm Moffat nor operations director Dorothy Ferguson asked at Saturday’s meeting for her side of the story.

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Sunnybrook lifts ban, allows daughter to see aging veteran father


5 Responses to “Sunnybrook lifts ban, allows daughter to see aging veteran father”

  1. StandUp Says:

    It sounds like Canada has the same problems we do, but at least something's getting done in this case.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    So happy for the family! It is so cruel and such a great waste of time and money to accuse and mistreat families that are just being loving and caring.

  3. Sue Says:

    Same old pattern of operation. Ban the person who is exposing problems while covering their *sses and they get away with it.God be with you Jackie Storrison for staying strong and for standing by your dad.And please know this is a worldwide problem it's about the power control and profit. Wishing your dad peace at this time in his life.

  4. Mary Says:

    Isolation is the worst thing a bad guardian can do and it's sadistic and cruel.

  5. Diane Says:

    That is excellent news! I see guardians all over the world use the same method of punishment in an attempt to shut people up and allow the abuse to continue. They don't want to use those federal dollars for the care of the veterans. If they do, there is less for them to pocket. So instead they abuse the residents and the family to get people to not complain. Sickening, isn't it?

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