Recommended Website: Hospice Patients Alliance

Serving:  Hospice patients, family and caregivers, the bereaved and hospice staff

Promoting:  Quality hospice services that respect you as a person

Informing:  YOU!  Knowledge is power…to get the best care

Protecting:  Your rights!
“Serving hospice patients and their families is one of the greatest privileges and trusts a health care professional could ever be granted. Only those staff with great love, sensitivity, and compassion understand the real mission of hospice. Really, it is a “calling.”

“The Constitution of our nation is firmly based upon respect for the sanctity of life, the liberty to live in freedom until a natural death occurs in its own timing.”

~ Ron Panzer, Founder, Hospice Patients Alliance



5 Responses to “Recommended Website: Hospice Patients Alliance”

  1. StandUp Says:

    Ron Panzer runs a top notch organization.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I also thought Hospice was a great organization, they treated my father so well, Arthur Rickow. However when a guardian named Peter Musante had my mother placed in an ALF in Florida and told her family she was going to die in 2010, he told Hospice that they were not to talk to her family. They would not talk to her family, I am not sure what they did for my mother Retta Rickow, she did not die and was taken off Hospice. She just passed away Dec 8th, 2012. I have heard that this guardian does this a lot. Know now that Hospice is paid for certain things by Medicare, not sure what they are doing. And don't know what Hospice billed Medicare. I do not think so highly of Hospice anymore.

  3. Betty Says:

    You're right, Anonymous. My loved one was a victim of bad hospice too. And that's why I'm glad to know about Hospice Patients Alliance and to know that they're fighting to reform hospice like we're fighting to reform guardianship.I am sorry you lost your Mother.

  4. Tom Says:

    I have dealt with HPA before and yes, they are good people working for hospice reform.

  5. Finny Says:

    I think alot of people are abused by hospice but they don't know it because they are so stressed out at the time and in a fog, so they just listen to hospice and don't question them.

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