Petition: Mom, It’s Christmas 2012 – Your Daughters Will Never Stop Fighting for Your Freedom

STOP The Injustice Of An Innocent Woman Being Held Against Her Will, Isolated From Family & Friends For The Past Five Years In A Nursing Facility Through No Fault Of Her Own.

Why Are We Forcing Our Tax Payers To Pay Out HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS A YEAR Forcing Mollie Florkey To Be Held Prisoner In A Nursing Home When It’s Not Necessary ?


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11 Responses to “Petition: Mom, It’s Christmas 2012 – Your Daughters Will Never Stop Fighting for Your Freedom”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Is anybody safe from being kidnapped by ruthless gangsters under Judicial or Guarduanship "authority"?What happened to our Civil Rights of self-determination and Rights to be safe from abuse?

  2. Thelma Says:

    Outlaw the outlaws!

  3. Betty Says:

    She's beautiful, Jane~

  4. Finny Says:

    Praying for you and your Mom, Jane…

  5. StandUp Says:

    As we know, it's not about what's necessary; it's about what's profitable. And at the expense of our loved ones.I hope this petition does some good for this deserving family.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Too few citizens are standing up for their rights, because they cannot afford the legal fees, and the thugs involved in the exploitation, know it.eb

  7. stop guardian abuse Says:

    No one is safe from the probate courts…..unless they dont have $$. No Advanced Directive or Durable Power of Attorney will help keep the predators away. Those documents can be revoked easily and serve no purpose for the diligent person who "prepared" for the time when they may need these documents in place. The notion of "being safe" as you age is more of a fairy tale….in the world of conservtors and or guardians. THIS NEEDS TO STOP

  8. Trev Says:

    No one wants to end up in a nursing home. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know Mollie Flokey should be at home. So why doesn't the judge just send her home?It turns my stomache.

  9. jerri Says:

    where are the lawyers? why aren't they standing up and fighting for the rights of those who executed power of attorney? another scam? think you have yourself covered and protected to find out its a false sense of protection finding out too late no one in the legal profession will stand up and defend the stipping of poa powers

  10. Sara Says:

    It is all about control, power, and money. For some reason they get a kick out of exploiting the crap out of your loved one. How is the care in that "quality" setting? Not good I bet, It is not home and what your mom is familar with. They do not care and this is no different than the way some people treat their animals. It is the person that can make changes in your loved ones life and the system fails to dig deeper and ask why? They fail to look at the obvious. What happened to common sence?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    A Power of attorney,the Revocation of that POA, a Living Will, and a Last Will and Testament, were all filed with the Clackamas County Circuit Court in 2000 = an by Cinspiravy to defraud me, all ended up in the Abusers file, and by the court's Administrative Neglect they were able to steal my assets. eb

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