Petition: Remove Sonoma County Judge Mark Tansil

We, elders and disabled consumers of California licensed fiduciaries, are being forced to pay large billing fees to court appointed self-dealing fiduciares, guradians, and trustees, and their greedy attorneys.

The culprit: Judge Mark Tansil, of Sonoma County Califonria, awards these fees to those self-dealing fiduciaries the court appoints. When we attempt to object, Judge Mark Tansil forces us to go without legal representation, and then awards large billing fees to these self-dealing fiduciaries and their attorneys.

We believe Judge Mark Tansil is a disgrace to the Judicial systen, and that he should be removed from the bench, therefore we are petitioning the California Governor, and the California Commission on Judicial Performance to take action against Judge Mark Tansil.

SIGN the petition to remove Sonoma County Judge Mark Tansil


12 Responses to “Petition: Remove Sonoma County Judge Mark Tansil”

  1. Thelma Says:

    California seems to be a hotbed of judicial corruption.

  2. Barbara Says:

    You're right, Thelma. I hope this petition does some good.

  3. Alice Says:

    Let's hope lots of people sign!

  4. StandUp Says:

    Judges need to be tested often for mental illness and drug use. I think most of the real mean judges on the bench have mental issues. But, who would know until it's too late?

  5. Luis Says:

    Get the bum off the bench!

  6. Corey Says:

    I hope he and all of his kind are removed.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Hell will freeze over, before he, or anyone like him, is removed from the bench. It will take a nation of demonstrators to change the "US Judiciary"and it's members..AND THEY KNOW IT.

  8. FiduiaryWatch.Org Says:

    I hope we can get more signatures, Probate Judge Tansil forces those who are elderly with disabilities to represent themselves against fiduciarie, guradians, conservators, and trustee he appoints.

  9. Randal Locke Says:

    Judge Tansil is a great Judge, if you have a problem try changing the law!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I have a strange feeling Randal Locke is on the getting end of profit from the approvals and decisions of Judge Tansil follow the $? Just remember KARMA Randal, sure change the laws you mean pay off and bribe the legislators the way special interest groups and lobbyists do? We the little people pay the electred royals salaries and Judge Tansil's salary, benefits and retirement package – just a minor detail.

  11. Barbara Says:

    Mr. Locke, what does changing the law have to do with whether Judge Maark Tansil is a good judge or not?Judges either follow the law or they don't….

  12. Marlna Says:

    You people do not have a clue aboutthe Honorable Mark Tansil, I know him personally. I've worked for him. He is one of the most compassionate person I have met. He treated everyone fairly plus with respect, You have no idea. Most of you haters have real issue, that no law or Judge could fix. I can tell by the lame negative comments.

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