Website: Center for Judicial Excellence

CJE is dedicated to public education and community outreach about individual rights in the court system.

Since it’s founding in 2006, CJE has filled a critical void, shining a light on a vital branch of government that wields tremendous power over the lives of average people.

CJE has empowered citizen leadership, inspired government action, and become a major catalyst in building a national movement for family court reform.


See Also:
Jury Finds Nevada County Superior Court Guilty of Retaliation: Verdict of Whistleblower’s Historic Case Exposes the Flaws of an Unregulated Legal System


3 Responses to “Website: Center for Judicial Excellence”

  1. Thelma Says:

    There appears to be a lot of corruptio;n in the probate courts, as well as family court, and surely more money to be made.

  2. Betty Says:

    I read the retaliation PR. Very interesting! People who have been retaliated against should read it!

  3. Nancy Says:

    They sound good at first look!

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