No Charges for Algonquin Woman Who Abandoned Disabled Daughter

While her actions were “inexcusable,” an Algonquin mother will not face criminal charges for abandoning her 19-year-old disabled daughter at a Tennessee bar, according to the district attorney general in Campbell County, Tenn.

That was the conclusion of a grand jury that investigated whether Eva Cameron, 45, should be charged with willful neglect and exploitation of an impaired adult, according to a news release issued Monday by Lori Phillips-Jones, district attorney general.

“There is no disagreement that the actions of the mother, Eva Cameron, in this case were inexcusable,” the news release states. “However, Tennessee law has not anticipated such behavior and thus the Grand Jury was faced with conduct which was not necessarily indictable.”

Cameron could not immediately be reached Monday. She has said previously that she did not believe Illinois would provide adequate medical services or housing for her daughter, who functions at the intellectual level of a 3-year-old.

Tennessee officials at first said they would not charge Cameron because her daughter is legally an adult, but reversed course after learning the circumstances of the case. On June 28, the teen, who has a limited vocabulary, was discovered without an ID or money at a bar in rural Caryville.

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No Charges for Algonquin Woman Who Abandoned Disableld Daughter


3 Responses to “No Charges for Algonquin Woman Who Abandoned Disabled Daughter”

  1. Thelma Says:

    No indictment because there was no law on the subject!Let's hope the legislative work is actually progressing.

  2. Betty Says:

    Good point, Thelma. Common sense would tell us she should have been charged but if there's no law against it, then it's time to get a law against it.

  3. Terry Says:

    I wonder if that teen is now destined for guardianship as a result of her mother's bad action?

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