Probate Judge Indictment Thrown Out

A judge has thrown out the indictment against Franklin County Probate Judge Eddie Fowler.

Fowler was indicted in September on one count of misdemeanor sexual battery after being arrested in late August.

During a hearing November 29th in Franklin County Superior Court, Fowler’s attorney Daniel Moore asked the indictment be quashed.

Moore said by law his client was to have received written notice from the District Attorney’s office of their intent to take the charges before the grand jury and he was also to receive a written copy of the charges against him 15 days before the case went before the Grand Jury.

Moore told Senior Court Judge Robert Adamson Fowler received the notice of intent, but not the written copy of the charges.

The judge agreed and in a ruling issued December 5th overturned the indictment. That ruling was made public this week.

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Probate Judge Indictment Thrown Out
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3 Responses to “Probate Judge Indictment Thrown Out”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Why is it when guardianships are commenced unlawfully and those failures are pointed out, the guarianship isn't thrown out?

  2. Mike Says:

    So is he back on the bench? Please don't say he's back on the bench….

  3. Thelma Says:

    Oh, dear!Did somebody make a boo0-boo to let somebody else off the hook?

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