Local Politics & the Alleged Compassionate Hospital

Welcome to St. Joseph Hospital of Elmira, New York, where they claim on their website:

“St. Joseph’s Hospital, a Catholic health facility, is a voluntary not-for-profit community general hospital founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Rochester in cooperation with the physicians and citizens of Elmira, NY. The St. Joseph’s Hospital community, by maintaining a deep respect for the dignity of each person, strives to heal, as Jesus did, in mind, body and spirit, all who come to us.”

“Maintaining a deep respect for the dignity of each person”… except for Gary Harvey.

It was Thanksgiving Day and Sara Harvey had made the arrangements to visit her husband. She and the guard arrived only to be told that the hospital hadn’t received an okay. Guard is not authorized if visit is not authorized, but the dignity people continued with their refusal.

(Cliff Note: A guard is required because Sara is supposedly a danger to her husband because she supposedly didn’t follow medical advice. The hospital, guardians et al petitioned the court to starve & dehydrate Gary to death, but she is the danger. Irony at its best.)

So, while all the important people, who should have made sure the visit was authorized and those who could have given the okay after the failed communication, enjoyed their Thanksgiving meals with the ones of their choice, Gary was denied a mere visit from his wife. The wife that loves him… talks to him… reads to him. Instead, he, a person who has always loved holidays and spending them with the wife he loves — got to lay there alone in the isolation that is his life.

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Local Politics & The Alleged Compassionate Hospital


10 Responses to “Local Politics & the Alleged Compassionate Hospital”

  1. Thelma Says:

    Compassionate, my – you-know-what!It's either all about money or covering up medical malpractice.There's no other excuse for this tragedy.

  2. Kaitlyn Says:

    Well said, Thelma. I think it's about covering up medical malpractice in the Harvey case.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    St. Joseph's Hospital sure doesn't sound very Catholic to me.

  4. StandUp Says:

    I know there are plenty of good people on staff at St. Joseph's Hospital, but those who did this to Gary and Sara Harvey should be disciplined.Does St. Joseph's care enough to investigate this horrible event?

  5. Betty Says:

    It's bad enough St. Joseph's Hospital and Chemung County treat Sara and Gary Harvey bad on a routine basis, but to do this on a holiday is especially cruel.

  6. Ben Says:

    Every one who worked that day on Gary Harvey's floor should be investigated. Whomever participated in this should be disciplined or even fired.

  7. Sally Says:

    Very sad that people have to sink that low…

  8. Derrick Says:

    As publicity grows on the Harvey case, people are finding out that St. Joseph's claim of compassion is only that — a claim.

  9. Lydia Says:

    Hospitals have become so insensitive overall. You'd think they'd be doing something positive to give them a good reputation instead of something like this.Picking on the defenseless it pretty pathetic.

  10. B Inberg Says:

    Hospitals are not safe – many are engaged in MEDICARE FRAUD with no consequences from state oversige agencies (useless and worse)so when your loved one is in the hospital you better get family, guardian angels, to stand guard 24 hours a day with NO breaks because the minute the family angel leaves the case managers and others will come in with legal documents for the incapacitated one to sign even though they may be 1/2 asleep and legally blind – more will be coming on the schemes I witnessed in due time.

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