Chemung County & St. Joseph’s Hospital: Thanksgiving and Compassion

It’s Thanksgiving! The sun is shining brightly. The clouds are softly floating across the sky. Birds are singing and children are playing. Laughter touches the day as families gather for a special celebration.

Sara Harvey made arrangements for her holiday visit with Gary, as she always does. She showed up as did the guard. However, the hospital claimed they had not been notified by the guardian and refused the visit.

(Guard does not get scheduled, unless visit is authorized.)

Since the guards are not scheduled without authorization, one would think someone with some authority at the hospital, might have gotten out of their “duh mode” and put two and two together. Guard is here. Guard is not scheduled without authorization. There is a history of Sara being allowed holiday visits with Gary. If still in doubt — call that on-call person that can actually make important decisions; can figure out that Sara does visit on holidays, so there must have been a mere failure to communicate the permission; and, then have the guts to give the go ahead.

St. Joseph hospital is supposed to be a hospital established by Catholic nuns. Nuns who were dedicated and full of compassion. So, tell me… where is that compassion now?

Gary Harvey — the patient — has a history of loving the holidays… loving Sara… and loving to celebrate the holidays with her. So where was the compassion for him on this holiday that was denied him? The holiday where, instead of spending time with the woman he so loves, he got to lay isolated in a hospital room, as “mostly” he always gets to do.

Sara Harvey — the wife — talks to her husband and reads to him. Does anyone else really talk to him or encourage him to get better to the fullest extent he can? You know… that thing that is important in any recovery by any person, including Gary Harvey?!?!

People can mouth… and they can spout… but the truth is… no one knows Gary’s potential. No one, outside of Sara and some others, seems to care about him being given every chance possible to get to wherever he can get and enjoy some good things as he heads that way. You know… simple things like having his wife be allowed to visit him on a holiday, read to him and talk to him and just be there? WOW!… so much to ask. NOT!

Shame on the almighty people that gloat in having such power in the Harvey case. Did you enjoy your day? Did you give someone a hug and a smile and feel ever so good at having a chance to celebrate the family holiday with them?

Shame on the staff at St. Joseph’s hospital. May you never find yourself in the Harvey position, but you could.

Let’s see…

St. Joseph’s hospital and affiliates claim compassion as one of their selling points. Is it just the Harveys that get the damaged goods, or did you run out of compassion and have failed to re-stock?

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Chemung County & St. Joseph’s Hospital: Thanksgiving and Compassion


11 Responses to “Chemung County & St. Joseph’s Hospital: Thanksgiving and Compassion”

  1. Sara Harvey Says:

    Someone certainly failed their duty to my husband. His court appointed protectors either did it on purpose or simply forgot about my husband. How many other wards do they forget about? or was it that the St. Joseph Hospital is heartless, funny they knew about my visit schedule days changing that was in the same email but not the holiday. Thank you Carrie for exposing this Catholic Hospital for what they truly represent. Your right, it is not hard to figure out at all. But I guess some people do not get paid to think.

  2. Diane Says:

    Sara, I am so so sorry that you and Gary suffered this horrific injustice once again. I know justice is coming. This cannot go on much longer. My heart goes out to you and Gary and your families.

  3. Mary Waddell Says:

    : "Refusing to let Sara visit Gary Harvey on Thanksgiving is very cruel.Gary's guardianship should be terminated and Gary should be put under the care of his loving wife, Sara Harvey." Also, report this bad treatment of Sara beyond the local Catholic Biship, to the conference of Catholic Bishops and even to the Vatican. There's a really wonderful American cardinal named Cardinal Rigali, previous Bishop of the St. Louis area. (The Catholic Bishop locally near Sara is participating in a cover-up.)

  4. StandUp Says:

    There's another side to this story too. I feel awful for Gary Harvey and Sara Harvey but I got to thinking about the other patients in St. Joseph's Hospital. The people who worked this shift and who treated Gary and Sara so badly also handle other patients. If they treat the Harveys this way, they treat other families this way.St Joseph's Hospital should do a full invesgation and discipline everyone involved in this incident, up to and including termination.

  5. honeybear Says:

    These people are so unhappy with who they are that they have to get their jollies by harassing Sara and Gary Harvey. Pretty pitiful.

  6. Bill Says:

    Monsters. They are nothing less than monsters. They have lost their sense of humanity.I am so sorry, Mrs. Harvey.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    How cruel and heartless they are

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I rather doubt any one at St Josephs forgot about Gary and Sarah, rather I think whom ever is responsible for what has happened here waited all night long to spring their ambush at the front door.

  9. Justin Says:

    KARMA baby — and they'll get theirs!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    They should be charged with elder abuse.

  11. B Inberg Says:

    This is punishment it's as simple as that using Gary as their instrument to cause Sara pain while causing Gary pain. They don't care it's about power and control while there is profit it's as simple as that. I wish them misery they deserve it, they earned it.

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