Tonight on T.S. Radio: Al Katz: Holocaust Survivor Nearly Killed by Florida Public Guardian

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Al Katz survived the Holocaust in a Nazi prison camp. As a youth, he spent seven years in forced labor, nearly starved, and saw four Jewish boys shot through the head. Katz survived the Holocaust only to again experience the horrors of imprisonment and torture in the final year of his life. The Manatee County Public Guardian’s abuse of Katz reminded Katz of Nazi cruelty and sadism. For six weeks in 2009, Katz was kept in locked units and denied the companionship of his family and friends and decent medical care. Retreating into teenage memories, Katz believed he was once again a prisoner of the Nazis and subject to their torture. In just two months of guardianship, Katz was nearly dead.

Unlike many victims of Public Guardians, Katz escaped before he died. Katz’s daughter, Dr. Beverly Newman, fought Manatee County’s abuse of her father. With Katz nearly dead and his estate seriously depleted, the Public Guardian was replaced by a professional guardian of the property. Katz’s daughter took him home and cared for him day and night for the last eight months of his life.

Beverly Newman has a Doctor of Education and Child Psychology. She dedicated much of 2010 to caring for her father, after rescuing him from an abusive guardianship. Dr. Newman is now an active advocate for rights of guardianship victims.

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3 Responses to “Tonight on T.S. Radio: Al Katz: Holocaust Survivor Nearly Killed by Florida Public Guardian”

  1. Finny Says:

    I have heard victims compare guardianship abuse to a modern day Holocaust and I don't think that's an appropriate description. However, I will be listening tonight for the Al Katz story and may have to re-think my position!

  2. Diana Says:

    I'll be there. Thank you, Marti Oakley, for these shows.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Very informative programming. Thankfully Beverly was able to have quality time with her father who needed to be drug free and to think she had to wage war in order to do what family's do, step up in time of need but when the court is involved it's court ordered hell and most do not get set free before they are departed. The harm caused by guardianship is criminal, it's UNAmerican, this must stop now.

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