Silicon Valley Tax Dollars Fund Elder Abuse: Part II

In 2010, Santa Clara County Public Guardian Donald Moody petitioned for conservatorship of Gisela Riordan. Based on false allegations by Court Reporter Herlinda Acevedo, Judge Thomas Cain approved the petition. With the stroke of a pen, Moody had complete control over Gisela’s life.

Moody immediately seized Gisela’s bank accounts. He evicted her son and sold their home the following year. Gisela languishes in isolation. For two and a half years, Moody has denied Gisela’s right to visitation, phone calls, and mail. Consistent with his wholesale violation of civil rights, Moody denied Gisela’s right to vote in 2012.

Moody imprisoned and isolated Gisela at Villa Fontana, a secured residential care facility that will violate the law in exchange for payment. Villa Fontana blatantly violates personal rights of residents. They refuse to discuss those violations with elder advocates.

April 27 – 30, 2012: Jennifer Lan; Violation of Resident’s Personal Rights

This reporter temporarily established contact with Gisela by arriving at Villa Fontana on a Friday evening, shortly after a visit by Deputy Public Guardian Rebecca Pisano-Torres. The Villa Fontana night staff assumed I was with the Public Guardian’s office, and they allowed me to enter.

When I first approached Gisela, she was bewildered that anyone would come to see her. She was horribly lonely and sobbed for over an hour, clutching my arm and begging me not to forget her. She demanded I promise that I would visit her again. Sadly, the Public Guardian has prevented my keeping that promise.

On Monday, Villa Fontana staff recognized me as an elder advocate. Employee Jennifer Lan, accompanied by four male staffers, entered Gisela’s room and ordered me to leave. I guided Lan to a poster of the residents’ rights located in the facility lobby.

I read Personal Right #11 aloud.

To have his/her visitors, including ombudspersons and advocacy representatives permitted to visit privately during reasonable ours and without prior notice, provided that the rights of other residents are not infringed upon.

Lan responded, “She doesn’t have the right to make decisions for herself.”

Full Article and Source:
Silicon Valley Tax Dollars Fund Elder Abuse

9 Responses to “Silicon Valley Tax Dollars Fund Elder Abuse: Part II”

  1. Finny Says:

    Thank you, Linda Kincaid, for another great article exposing the abuse of the wrong people (the Santa Clara Public Guardian) having absolute control of helpless victims, like Gisela Riordan.

  2. Kay Says:

    I know in my heart Linda Kincaid's efforts will pay off and Gisela Riordan will finally be allowed visitors and treated as person instead of a criminal.Thank you Linda. Thank you NASGA.

  3. Steve Says:

    Everyone involved in the cruel and unlawful isolation of Gisela Riordan should be held accountable.In my opinion, they should start the clean up with firing Santa Clara County Public Guardian, Don Moody.I am very pleased to see NASGA keeping the heat on!

  4. Thelma Says:

    I think criminals in jail may get better treatment than victims of these captors.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Another sign of the concerted efforts of Guardianships, in compliance with the corrupt judiciary, to exploit and imprison our elderly citizens for the sake of paying for their care. Lack of a mandated safety net for the elderly and disabled, is "Lack of Insurance". The SYSTEM IN THE US does not give free care to anyone.eb

  6. Diane Says:

    Every time I read another article about Gisela Riordan, I get more and more upset and angry. For the life of me, I CANNOT understand how this is still going on. Who do these people think they are to isolate this poor woman and take over her life??? They have designated themselves as God, and God would NEVER hurt someone. I am sickened by everyone involved in Gisela's case. I do know god is watching and justice will come soon. I would love to know if the families and friends of these abusers are aware of who these people really are. It is up to all of us to expose them to the world. Linda, you are doing an amazing job. Thank you!

  7. B Inberg Says:

    The dark side of guardianships are coming out into the light case by case based on fact. The probate machine is well-oiled with $$$$$ much profit in this industry do the math.Thank you thank you thank you to Linda Kincaid and her army of angels all on a volunteer basis it's the only way to begin to make a difference.Bless you all.

  8. jerri Says:

    inhune treatment if we did this we would be hauled off to the police station for elder abuse the reason these sociopaths are out of control is they run the courts the judges are in on the process or they are too busy to question the so called experts who have titles see we dont have titles so we are just angry ungrateful family members who lost all standing what a sick twisted system and it must stop stop now

  9. Heather Says:

    Santa Clara County Public Guardian Don Moody should be immediately suspended and then charged with elder abuse.

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