Sacramento Judge Gerrit Wood Condoned Trust Misconduct Says Decendent’s Daughter

Jamie Lamborn, whose victimized elderly father set up a living trust to distribute assets after his and his wife’s deaths, has authorized Elder Abuse to publish in its victim stories section a scathing letter that Ms. Lamborn wrote to Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Gerrit W. Wood.

In her February 9, 2011 letter, Ms. Lamborn told Judge Wood, who was handling the trust administration case in the William R. Ridgeway Family Relations Courthouse in Sacramento, California, that he had exhibited blatant bias against her and toward an unethical and inept professional fiduciary acting as trustee of the living trust. Ms. Lamborn, who lives in the Sacramento area, said to Judge Wood that he had essentially condoned abusive and corrupt practices by the professional fiduciary and an unethical, less-than-honest attorney associated with the fiduciary. Ms. Lamborn also said that Judge Wood had failed to make fair rulings according to the wishes of the creators of the living trust.

“I have pointed out the numerous unethical and inexcusable acts committed by Carolyn Young as trustee, with attached supporting documentation, in my past filings,” Ms. Lamborn wrote Judge Wood. “You have allowed and ordered Young to stay in place,” she continued, “ignoring the facts I presented and the wishes of the creators of this trust, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Johnson.”

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Sacramento Judge Gerrit Wood Condoned Trust Misconduct Says Decendent’s Daughter
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4 Responses to “Sacramento Judge Gerrit Wood Condoned Trust Misconduct Says Decendent’s Daughter”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It is criminal! If the Judge was not there, they would be going to prison for financial abuse of the elderly. The same thing is happening to my mother and father Retta and Art Rickow of Pinellas, Florida. Judge Patrick Caddell himself managed the trust for over 3 years paying huge fees to his friends, then he turned it over to 3 attorneys and a guardian to manage, Peter Musante Sr., Jeff Albinson, Ed Culbertson and Tom Altman. Judge Caddell has signed over almost 100,000 if not more to just Ed Culbertson while my mother sits in a lock down away from her home and family. Bet you can guess who Judge Caddell had intern for him, Katy Culbertson of Florida. It is quite the corrupt racked here in Pinellas County, Florida. When will there be an investigation?!!

  2. Thelma Says:

    It's megabucks foro these people.What;s in it for the judge?

  3. Betty Says:

    I hope Jamie Lamborn filed a complaint on judge Gerrit Wood.

  4. Elder Abuse Says:

    11/20/20139:20 p.m. PSTDear National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse:The blog post on your website "Sacramento Judge Gerrit Wood Condoned Trust Misconduct says Decendent's Daughter" at: a verbatim copy of our ENTIRE blog post at: you please use your own words in a summary or use only brief portions of our text so that your use of our copyrighted text can be considered fair use under U.S. copyright law?Thanks a lot,Elder Abuse

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