Veterans in Peril

Our current Veterans and heroes of past wars often fall victim to unlawful and abusive guardianship / conservatorship, either as a result of disability or advanced age. The numbers continue to grow.

The pirates target our young disabled Veterans – lured by their veteran’s benefits, disability pensions, and now even their Social Security benefits. Our aging Veterans are even more tempting – perhaps they have well-managed, nice sized estates to go with their pensions.

Denied the very rights and liberties they fought for; confined in nursing homes; left to languish; receiving perhaps just a pittance for their personal use from their guardians – after years of service and sacrifice to our country, is this what our Veterans have to look forward to?

Supporting the troops and our fallen heroes should mean supporting them not only when we need them – but also when they need us. And they need us fighting for them when they become vulnerable.

Source: NASGA: Veterans in Peril


14 Responses to “Veterans in Peril”

  1. Sherry Says:

    The ultimat irony. So very tragic.

  2. StandUp Says:

    Well said, NASGA. Our Veterans are denied the very freedoms they fought for.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you for the reminder NASGA.Our Veterans are often forgotten after they've done their duty for our country and our freedom.We owe them so much more than that.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    The abuse of our veterans is an extension of the general public abuse by the "family courts".

  5. Family of Jerry Street Says:

    Our brother is a disabled veteran with a 100% service connected disability. He also has a court appointed guardian.In 2011, he was seen by his local physician. A letter was received from the guardian that our brother was being referred to a local neurologist. The referral did not take place until three months later. Once the referral was made, it took approximately two months to have our brother evaluated by two specialists who had indicated our brother should have been seen earlier and that his outcome was uncertain. Throughout this time, his health continued to deteriorate significantly. One of the local specialists wrote a letter to the VA Hospital expressing his concerns. Our brother was evaluated by the VA neurosurgeon who reiterated the same concerns expressed by the local specialists. Once the VA intervened, the surgery took place within one week. It took approximately six months from the initial notification to the time of our brother's surgery. Our brother within six months went from walking uptown and visiting his favorite restaurant and barber shop to using a walker for short distances and wheelchair for longer distances. Since that time, he has experienced numerous setbacks, such as with subsequent surgeries, paralysis, cardiac and respiratory arrest, thoughts of suicide as well as other emotional, psychological and physical pain and suffering that can accompany these traumatic events. Within the past month, our brother was sent to a lock down unit at the Marion, Indiana VA facility where he has expressed great anxiety and blames himself.Our brother is a veteran and served his country with loyalty and pride. Even when the doctors expressed uncertainty as to whether or not he would survive, he told his family to “Please call the Navy and tell them I haven’t forgotten about them”. Thank you,The family of Jerry Street

  6. Terry Says:

    My understanding is that the Veteran's Guardianship Program is rife with flaws and incompetency, like civilian guardianship.

  7. honeybear Says:

    The more injured and disabled soldiers return from war, the more guardianships. Is the VA profiting on these cases?

  8. nasga advocate Says:

    many of my fellow nasga members have fathers who are veterans, and they get no help from veteran orgs.i believe our vets are thought of and appreciated on memorial day and veterans day but are otherwise mostly forgotten.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    My mother is a veteran and was sentenced to house arrest without a trial based on one day's false testimony from a vicious and vindictive long estranged daughter who had earlier been foiled in an attempt on my mother's house. All the lawyers and all the judges worked together to prevent any of my mother's other five children from testifying, all the while bending over to support the liar, even after it became clear her motives were driven purely by selfishness. My mother is now under a court-imposed guardianship which has limited access by her children and has run through nearly half of her life savings in one year.

  10. Cheryl Says:

    Thank you, NASGA.

  11. B Inbert Says:

    No one is safe if you can generate income and profit for the protection industry, it's a business, with aggerssive tactics will do whatever it takes to get what they want – they want YOU!Thanks NASGA for your dedication and your tribute to our beloved Veterans.

  12. B Inberg Says:

    To Jerry Street and his family I hope and pray your brother is able to recover and improve." Within the past month, our brother was sent to a lock down unit at the Marion, Indiana VA facility where he has expressed great anxiety and blames himself."Jerry Street is not to blame, the delay in treatment is the problem – no excuses for those who need to be held accountable for the harm caused to a Veteran who sacrificed and is still sacrificing.

  13. Lou Says:

    Professional Guardian/Thieves LOVE that guaranteed income that Veteran benefits provide. it doesn't matter that it may not be enough money to support the veterans necessary medical care. All the guardian/thief has to do is put the veteran's income (or any other victim's income) into a "Pooled Trust" then every month the GUARDIAN FEES and ATTORNEY FEES ARE PAID GUARANTEED. The wards medical care expenses become eligible for Medicare. Guardians say, "Let the tax payers support them this money is MINE!!" Not right but what are you going to do about it? Get educated on this subject please.

  14. Mrs. Harvey Says:

    Exactly and I wonder on this day if Chemung County will HONOR my husband and what his wishes would be who was in the service fighting for us. Shame on them for treating him this way…yep all he got today was another bedsore and NYSDOH thinks that is acceptable. They all do as long it is not their loved one being treated this way.

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