Cool Justice: Unfit To Serve: The Farce Known As Probate Court

Going to certain probate courts is still like watching a crooked card game where there is no sheriff in town. Question a fixed hand and they’ll plug you full of lead.

Silly me, I thought the great state of Connecticut reformed the probate system in the 1980s after a relatively young state representative named Chris Shays put a laser beam on one of the most grotesque corruption cases in our history.

Shays was outraged by the actions of a Hartford probate judge who oversaw the looting of a $35 million estate by lawyers acting as conservators. Ethel Donaghue, ill and in her 80s, was conserved – losing all control of her finances, health care and mansion across from the governor’s residence – without her knowledge. Two lawyers ran up fees of more than $100,000 a year each “managing” her estate while also hosting private parties and concerts in which guests said Donaghue seemed oblivious.

When no serious action was taken – other than by investigative reporters – Shays pursued complaints before a Superior Court judge, calling reprimands against the lawyers “ridiculously” lenient. Shays argued that both lawyers and the judge should have been disbarred. He refused to stop speaking when ordered to do so, was found in contempt and sentenced to jail.

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Cool Justice: Unfit To Serve: The Farce Known As Probate Court

7 Responses to “Cool Justice: Unfit To Serve: The Farce Known As Probate Court”

  1. Thelma Says:

    Remind me not to retire in CT!

  2. Barbara Says:

    Great editorial!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I agree this is a great editorial! And is exactly what is happening to my mother Retta Rickow in Pinellas, Florida. She had two trust worth almost 2 million, I am not sure the 3 attorney's appointed to her case by Judge Patrick Caddell, Jeff Albinson of Tampa, Florida, Ed Culbertson of St. Pete, Florida and Tom Altman, of New Port Richey, Florida, even know how much there is left. Along with Guardian Mr. Peter Musante Sr. they have managed to keep her locked up in a facility well over two years now and do nothing but collect thousands and thousands of dollars in fees. Last I saw one of her trust was now worth very little and they are hiding them now along with their fees from the court and her family. Have held expate hearings and have not even filed them in the court docket. They are criminals hurting and stealing from the very people they were supposed to protect. They are greedy, criminal people. We need some good people to wake up and help now! Thank you for standing up for those that cannot!

  4. Luis Says:

    The probat4e courts are a disgrace.That's one reason the public has no respect for lawyers.

  5. B Inberg Says:

    Out of control money grab who's next?

  6. honeybear Says:

    So well said! Thank you for posting, NASGA

  7. Says:

    I an so very grateful for this article by the Ass to Stop Guardian Abuse, as guardians, fiduciaries, and trustee, along with complicit court take financial advantage of those whom are unable to fight back. You think you have problems here in CT, try California, we have similar problems, with no one to step in and stand up for those being financially abused. Check out our new blog here in California,, become a member, and help us to stop this problem nationwide.

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