Pauper v. Probate: Tennessee on Trial

Pauper Case No. : PD2
Probate Court Filed: September 25, 2012

(The Biggest Business in the World)

Federal Lawsuit
So far, this federal lawsuit filed in the US District Court of Kentucky seems to be gaining traction. Considering the pro se litigant is typically summarily dismissed, it appears the magistrate has found good cause to demand responses from all Defendants. 
Also, a legal mind with a substantial cirriculum vitae has blogged about the Conservatorship of John Daniel Tate confirming that Judge Randy Kennedy “pretended to terminate” the conservatorship.
Probate Judge Randy Kennedy: Nashville’s one-man wealth redistribution machine (TN) – Estate of Denial
Gerry W. Beyer :: Texas Tech University School of La
Further orders entered in Kennedy’s court have left the conservatorship “open” and the conservator, David E. Tate, under fiduciary oath. This defies logic and common sense, shows an abuse of power, judicial retribution, and, most importantly, invokes distrust with the citizenry bringing the entire judiciary into disrepute.
Conservatorship/guardianship should never be adversarial. In the ex parte hearing, before Danny Tate had ever been in the court room, Judge Randy Kennedy announces this as a “contentious conservatorship”.
Impeach Judge Randy Kennedy: October 23, 2007 Ex Parte Hearing vs. Danny Tate- Part 1.m4v – YouTube
This reveals motive and why probate creates a legal fiction to justify their legalized racketeering. Advocate groups refer to it as “the protection racket”, i.e. looting of estates before one is in the grave under color of law and guise of protection.
Also, conservatorship/guardianship is not meant to be punitive. This, and all known conservatorships in the 7th Circuit Court, Davidson County at Nashville, TN, have exemplified just the opposite, proving egregiously punitive.
State bar association hears horror stories about problems with Tennessee’s conservatorship law

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Pauper v. Probate: Tennessee on Trial

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State bar association hears horror stories about problems with Tennessee’s conservatorship law


12 Responses to “Pauper v. Probate: Tennessee on Trial”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Danny Tate has so much determination and must be admired for sticking in there no matter what they throw at him. Go Danny!

  2. Monica Says:

    Judge Randy Kennedy should be run off the bench and out of Tennessee!

  3. Betty Says:

    Wishing and praying for your success, Danny, and for Kennedy's judicial demise.

  4. Tennessee victim Says:

    The Danny Tate case has haunted me from day one. That David Tate could be walking around free after what he did to his brother blows my mind. And that Paul Housch and Michael Hoskins bid against each(after running up the debt the home was auctioned to settle) other to own Danny Tate's home is a picture I might never get out of my mind.Tennessee is not safe place, especially for entertainment celebrities who have alot of assets.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Keep fighting the fight, Danny. May the truth

  6. Advocate and Friend Says:

    Kennedy needs to be placed under the guardianship confines Mr Tate was! Mr Tate should also receive as part of the states remediation, seven times that of what was taken from him in this judicial scam, including but not limited to, ALL of judge Kenneys PERSONAL assets– his home, bank accounts, retirement funds and social security. Kennedy needs to a lifetime guest of Tennessee's department of corrections!

  7. Jim Says:

    The Tate case is a poster case because it involves a young vibrant man who was able to speak and defend himself, yet they got him. And they bankrupted him and plunged him into debt.And Danny keeps coming. I'm with Anonymous 1: Go Danny!

  8. Sally Says:

    I still believe good triumphs over evil so this one will be won by Danny Tate.

  9. Thelma Says:

    He is an amazing man, and I wish there were some way to help.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Judge Randy Kennedy's credibility crumbles a little more each day. Karma is chasing him.

  11. jerri Says:

    i agree with advocate and friend sonds like a good plan with restitution to make danny tate 'whole' although danny will never be who he was before this wrongful conservatorship case began but it would be a good start

  12. Corrupt Lawyers, Judges, Police and Government destroy America and your rights Says:

    […] More stories on this wolf Tennessee Judge Randy Kennedy charged with more Corruption Woman files complaint against judge Court-Ordered Hell — how an errant judge and a controlling sibling stripped Nashville rocker Danny Tate of his money, his livelihood and his legal rights Probate Court: The largest business in the world (and the deepest, darkest, dirtiest, yet wealthiest secret of our government) (TN) Probate Judge Randy Kennedy: Nashville’s one-man wealth redistribution machine (TN) Musician Danny Tate’s conservatorship: a case of caring or corruption? (part one) Musician Danny Tate’s conservatorship: a case of caring or corruption? (part two) Musician Danny Tate’s conservatorship: a case of caring or corruption? (part three) Pauper v. Probate: Tennessee on Trial […]

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