Houston Hospital Pulls Life-Preserving Treatment Against Family’s Wishes

A hospital is now actively killing a patient whose family called me at the 11th hour yesterday, pleading to save their father’s life.

Despite the family’s desperation to protect their father’s life, and everything Texas Right to Life did for them, the hospital’s death panel declared his life futile and moved with steps to kill him.

I could not protect him, and I want to tell you what happened.

His family calls him Willie.

A few weeks ago, he was making plans to travel with his family for a vacation in Europe, but he had chest pains and went to the hospital to check what’s wrong. To his surprise, they discovered pneumonia and, shockingly, leukemia.

His doctors suggested surgery and chemo. Willie didn’t want to die. Before sedation, his daughter told me that he looked lovingly into her eyes and said, “Fight for me, baby; I ain’t done living.”

His family — armed with a medical power of attorney — obeyed his wishes and told the doctors to continue his medical care and treatment.

But his doctors disagreed. They had other plans.

Full Article and Source:
Houston Hospital Pulls Life-Preserving Treatment Against Family’s Wishes

Note: This article was written on March 20, and the author says Willie died that same afternoon.


2 Responses to “Houston Hospital Pulls Life-Preserving Treatment Against Family’s Wishes”

  1. Connie Says:

    This makes me so mad. More and more of these cases are coming to light. Never forget Terri Schiavo and Gary E. Harvey.

  2. Thelma Says:

    They should not have any right to override the individual's or the family's wishes, and when there's insurance, why would they do that?

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