Kansas: Lawyer Disbarred for Charging $3,500 an Hour

The Supreme Court of Kansas has disbarred a Kansas City attorney for charging $3,500 an hour to handle a soldier’s case and for making offensive remarks to a judge and court staff.

Carlos Romious lost his license on Monday after the Kansas high court found that he charged the inflated fee while representing a soldier facing drug possession charges in a military court. The court also found that during a three-year period Romious shouted profanity at court clerks, got into a brawl with a court security officer and accused a judge of being a pedophile.

In adopting a recommendation from a disciplinary administrator, the court in a per curiam decision concluded that the pattern of misconduct warranted disbarment.

“In summary, the respondent’s conduct resulted in two criminal convictions, a contempt adjudication that led to 120 days in jail, minor injuries to a U.S. deputy marshal, and an adverse impact on a military career,” the court said.

Full Article and Source:
Kansas Attorney Disbarred Over High Fee, Disrespect to Judge and Court Staff

2 Responses to “Kansas: Lawyer Disbarred for Charging $3,500 an Hour”

  1. StandUp Says:

    >No shame — these thieves have no shame at all.

  2. Wondering Says:

    >Hey StandUp, at least this guy had the nerve to just outright charge it rather than hide it!

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