Texas Couple Fights for Custody of Adult Daughter

An Arlington couple is fighting to regain guardianship of their daughter after being stripped of their rights by a judge.

They weren’t notified about the hearing and didn’t get to tell their side of the story. They found out after it was a done deal.

But what happened was completely legal.

The Covingtons were not notified before their rights were stripped. The ruling came in an ex parte hearing where a judge hears evidence only from the complaining party. The other side isn’t given notice of the hearing and doesn’t get to respond.

“You just don’t understand how this can happen in a democracy.” Frank said.

The Covingtons are asking to be reinstated as their daughter’s guardians at an upcoming hearing.

“I don’t know how we’re gonna get her back.” Chila said.

The Covingtons are devastated by what’s happened. They’ve accumulated $55,000 in legal bills and they’re fearful for their daughter.

But they’ve made a commitment to keep fighting.

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Couple Fights for Custody of Adult Daughter

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7 Responses to “Texas Couple Fights for Custody of Adult Daughter”

  1. Carole Says:

    >We support you, Covingtons, and pray you get your daughter back.

  2. Randy Says:

    >This poor family. I hate that this is happening to them and those government officials aren't helping them.

  3. Kelly Says:

    >They advocated for their daugher and now they're considered criminals? No – no way. I'm on their side 100%

  4. Paula Says:

    >I can't believe how many cold hearted people there are in the world that this would happen to such a nice family.I am so sorry.

  5. Barbara Says:

    >I will pray for the brave Covingtons and for Ceci.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    >They all make me sick – the judge, the lawyers, the guardian ad litem.They turn my stomach.

  7. JusticeGal Says:

    >These one-sided hearings have got to end. The worst part is by the time you find out – your loved one is gone.

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