Help Bring Rita Denmark Home

Pennsylvania member Holly Peffer is involved in a pivotal hearing on Friday, October 8, 2010 at 2:30 P.M. at the McKean County Pennsylvania Orphan’s Court.

NASGA asks for your support on behalf of Holly and her Mother, Rita Denmark. The State of Florida is currently holding Rita captive in an abusive guardianship and won’t let her come home to Bradford, PA.

She is not a criminal. She has done nothing wrong. But, for over three long, miserable years, she has languished in a Florida nursing home, completely isolated from her family and friends, while her daughter, Holly, has battled the legal system for Rita’s freedom. Florida doesn’t want to let Rita go. But, Rita’s not a resident of Florida. She’s just caught up in the system and red tape. It’s up to the State of Pennsylvania to bring Rita home.

The October 8th hearing is critical.

Please show your support for Rita Denmark and her right to come home and happily live her life with her loving family and friends instead of dying prematurely, alone and afraid in a stark and cold institution, held captive against her will.

You can make a difference! Please show up for the hearing and help send the message that it’s not only time for Rita Denmark to come home, it’s her right as an American citizen.

After the hearing, a reception will be held at Holly’s home. Everyone is welcome!

Please contact Holly Peffer ( for directions and more information.
McKean County Court House
500 West Main
East Smethport, PA

Friday, October 8 · 2:30pm – 4:30pm

Congressman Joe Sestak’s Letter Supporting NASGA Member Holly Peffer

8 Responses to “Help Bring Rita Denmark Home”

  1. Holly Says:

    >I would like to thank NASGA and all members for your continued support in this battle.We are planning a "victory" this time around and really hope some of you can make it. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know.With the "extrinsic fraud" all layed out and the battle in the McKean County Pennsylvania vs. Volusia County Florida… we're ready!!After joining NASGA a year ago, it was music to my ears when fellow NASGA member said, "You have been doing exactly what they wanted you to do… chasing them around in Florida, wearing yourself out traveling back and forth and spending all your money in a court you can not win." He then said, "Your battle is in McKean County PA where the jurisdiction still remains today and we are going to get you back there."I remain forever in your debt and may God Bless each one my fellow members.Holly

  2. Lori Says:

    >I can't be there, but I wish you the best of luck, Holly.These interstate cases are difficult, but you're pointed in the right direction now.

  3. tvfields Says:

    >Good luck, Holly!Meanwhile, everyone needs to realize that despite the efforts of numerous others, including Joe Roubicek, John Caravella and Congressman Sestak, opportunists in Florida are still able to take advantage of the elderly. With this in mind, I applaud the effort of NASGA, John Caravella and others to address the need for federal legislation. What I now ask is that everyone join in to make sure that this legislation does not let us down. For example, as I've observed for those members of NASGA who communicate directly with me, this legislation still needs to establish a sound evidentiary threshold that must be met before the petitioner can be granted standing. Without such a threshold, we will still be vulnerable to those who would compel us, against our will, to undergo and pay for evaluations and hearings. Without such a threshold, some members of the Bar will take advantage of this legislation so as to initiate even more lucrative jury trials. Personally, I am wary of any legislation which the Bar and/or Judiciary supports. I have seen the Bar and Judiciary advocate too much harmful legislation and oppose too many efforts to legislate safeguards against legal abuse.

  4. StandUp Says:

    >Here's hoping you get a big turn out!Courtwatching is a very effective means, so I hope many in your local community show up as well!

  5. Connie Says:

    >We support you, Holly!

  6. Elaine Says:

    >EVERYONE's support is welcomed and needed. If you live near Smethport or know someone who does, please consider attending this hearing and giving Holly and her Mom support!

  7. Ryan Says:

    >Congressman Joe Sestak, this would be a golden opportunity for you too! I hope you'll consider coming!

  8. timlahrman Says:

    >I am looking very forward to being there Holly ….. the momentum is on our side and I have a very good feeling about the 8th …chat soon

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