Huguette Clark’s Relatives Ask for Independent Guardian

Relatives for reclusive 104-year-old heiress Huguette Clark today asked a Manhattan court to appoint an independent guardian for her in light of a criminal investigation into the handling of her $500 million estate by her lawyer and accountant, and a recent story in The Post revealing how her accountant tried to get her to sign new legal documents earlier this week at the hospital where she lives.

“The Clark family is extremely concerned by recent reports that raise troubling questions about Huguette Clark’s advisors. The advisors in question are neither members of the Clark family nor were they retained at the behest of the family,” the three relatives said in a statement.”

“Based on the press reports and other information available to the family, it appears that the advisors are improperly controlling Ms. Clark’s affairs and limiting access to Ms. Clark. The allegations raised in the press include payments to benefit one of the advisors, Wallace Bock, mismanagement of Ms. Clark’s financial affairs resulting in imposition of liens against her property, and improper efforts to pressure Ms. Clark to sign legal documents.”

The statement also said, “The family is further concerned that Irving Kamsler, with the blessing of Bock, has continued as a fiduciary to Ms. Clark notwithstanding his felony conviction on a charge of attempting to disseminate indecent materials to a minor, and purported to obtain Ms. Clark’s consent to the continued representation based on false and incomplete disclosure.”

“Therefore, this morning, three cousins, each representing a different branch of the descendants of William Andrews Clark, filed a petition for the appointment of an independent guardian to manage Ms. Clark’s affairs.

Full Article and Source:
Relatives of 104-Year-Old Heiress Ask for Independent Guardian

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4 Responses to “Huguette Clark’s Relatives Ask for Independent Guardian”

  1. Brian Says:

    >The family is going from the pot to the frying pan!

  2. Thelma Says:

    >Where the hell are the records?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    >Pay attention for the usual parade of events…Huguette Clark is 104 years old. The media will villify the family. The courts love that.I can see it now: Where has the family been? The family's only interested in her money….etc.

  4. Rachael Says:

    >We are all conditioned to think if we just had enough money to live comfortably, have what we want and need, have enough to help other people, why wouldn't it be something to win the lottery and be a millionnaire.We equate money with power but really it equates with vultures.

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