Federal Lawsuit Challenges How Kansas Selects Its Supreme Court Justices

A federal lawsuit has been filed that challenges the process Kansas uses to select its state Supreme Court justices.

The lawsuit asks for a restraining order to prevent the state from filling a vacancy on the court left by the retirement and death of Chief Justice Robert Davis. It also seeks to change the way the Kansas Constitution allows appointment of justices.

James Bopp Jr., a Terre Haute, Ind., lawyer, filed the lawsuit on behalf of four Kansans.

A nominating commission made up of five lawyers and four lay people recommends three candidates for the court, with the governor making the final selection.

Full Article and Source:
Federal Suit Challenges How Kansas Picks Justices

2 Responses to “Federal Lawsuit Challenges How Kansas Selects Its Supreme Court Justices”

  1. Thelma Says:

    >That's the way it should be, first time out.Then there should be retention elections, BUT only if the secrecy injudicial discipline is STOPPED!The public must be informed in order to properly exercise their voting rights.

  2. StandUp Says:

    >I agree about retention elections and I'll add, that none of them should be retained.Hold all judges to one term so they're out before they become callous or corrupted.

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