More Education to be Required for Indiana Judges

The Indiana Supreme Court issued a new requirement for more education for judges in the state, based on the recommendation of a committee headed by a local judge.

It’s one step in a long-range plan to reform the Indiana courts, which Elkhart Circuit Judge Terry Shewmaker said is “one of the most complex judicial systems in the nation.”

Shewmaker and Marion Superior Court Judge Mark Stoner serve as co-chairs for the statewide strategic planning committee for court reform. They, along with Montgomery Superior Court Judge Peggy Lohorn, spoke with reporters in Indianapolis.

Shewmaker said the need for change is clear, because our courts are a “19th century agrarian-type system. Now is the time for change,” he said.

Stoner agreed. “We’re no longer in that culture. We’re in an electronic culture … Indiana is behind the times and the question is how we move ourselves forward.”

The first step, issued Wednesday by the Indiana Supreme Court, is to require more ongoing education for judges. Until now, their requirements were the same as attorneys: 36 hours of education every three years, with at least six hours each year.

The new standard will require all full-time judges, magistrates, commissioners and referees to get 1.5 times that much, according to Kathryn Dolan, public information officer for the supreme court.

Chief Justice Randall Shepard said in a written announcement Wednesday, “Indiana judges hold themselves to a high standard. They asked the court to require additional continuing education hours and recommended specific changes to mandatory continuing education requirements. I was pleased to sign the order making the changes they proposed a requirement for Indiana judges.”

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Plan Requires More Education for Judges

4 Responses to “More Education to be Required for Indiana Judges”

  1. timlahrman Says:

    >As a resident of Indiana involved in this 19th century argraian-type system which is one of the most complex legal systems' in the nation ….I doubt this initiative will help one bit unless or until the state receives some treatment and extensive therapy for its history of judicial narccissism

  2. Anonymous Says:

    >If judges meed "educationn" how the hell did they get on the bench?

  3. Holly Says:

    >Agree with timlahrman…Narcissism being the admiration for oneself or a false pride reminds me of where we should focus and it is NOT "on self."We've all heard the biblical truth, "the pride comes before the fall"Good biblical counseling is needed for them to distinguish right from wrong!

  4. Betty Says:

    >Education is good for anybody, but it's not the real problem. The real problem, Judge Randy Shepherd, is that most judges have too much power and they enjoy weilding it. And, although it can't usually be proven, everybody knows many of them are on the take.AND – there's nobody watching because your Judicial Qualifications Committee is either powerless or chooses to look the other way. Sad situation.

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