Nursing Home Staffer Arrested

A discrepancy in several patients’ trust funds was reported to the Dade City Police by the Heritage Park Nursing Home administrator. Detectives found nearly $4000 missing from four female residents.

Their investigation led to the arrest of Janice Lynn Smith on charges she stole from the residents whose ages are 85,86, 90 and 101.

Full Article and Source:
Nursing Home Staffer Arrested for Draining Funds From Elderly Residents

3 Responses to “Nursing Home Staffer Arrested”

  1. Mark Says:

    >When facility staff steal from the patients, they should suffer a stiffer punishment because of betraying the public trust.

  2. Dianna Says:

    >My Grandma has her wedding rings stolen off of her hands the first night she was in a facility. Her fingers where all black and blue where the perp had tried to get them faster.

  3. Lou Says:

    >Florida is surrently rampid with crime against the vulnerable. There is currently no protection… none. You may be hoodwinked to believe a guardianship can help but with no accountability of "court appointed guardians" they are no different than a dishonest family members or staff at the nursing home except… the "court appointed guardians" have a license to steal.

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